Thursday, August 21

Pretty Bedrooms

Here are a couple more pics that I took as I progressed through the finishing touches of the kids bedrooms.
It's scary that I actually painted these canvases for Brainy Boy's walls! Who knew I was so geometrically gifted ?!
For Little Chic's room, we started with a light tan wall and added chocolate brown and fuschia accents, like this wavy frame I painted around the wall calendar. She drew the shape and I painted it on the wall.
This was the door frame and some color blocks in progress. If I say so myself, I did a fantabulous job not getting paint on any woodwork, ceilings or carpet--without taping. You'd think I'd done this a few times.

We scattered color blocks of various sizes in brown and fuschia by order of Little Chic's design.

Luckily, we are all pretty happy with the results.

5 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Jennifer!

Rochelle said...

Looks great! Now that you're done maybe you'll get back to your blog habit??

Mary Ellen said...

You did a great job!

laurie said...

Looks nice. Katlyn loves it too. Those are her colors of her new shoes, backpack, etc. She loves it.

Allana Martian said...

Looks like it is all coming together nicely! I like it! I see some similarities in your boy's bedroom to my boy's bedroom. Bunk beds, coverall tab top curtains, plaid quilts. I got my quilts at Target, Woolrich's brand. My boys are already asking for a different color paint. NOT happening!