Tuesday, August 5

The Difference Between Boys & Girls

The time has been long overdue to repaint the rooms of the Short People.

::Fair Warning:: This will be the last time I refer to them as the "Short People" due to the recent advancement in the height of Brainy Boy. He is now 64.25 inches...I am 64 inches even. After the present post, they will be called "the Juniors."

Any-whooo, Brainy Boy had no interest in actually helping pick out his decor or room color, other than insisting that it be something "plain." Our initial pick was gray/white/black striped bedding, but Muh Main Man has some weird psychotic allergy to black. I usually completely ignore his decorating advice, but in a moment of weakness, I let him convince me that the color scheme was too Goth. I bribed Brainy Boy to come along and pick an alternative by offering a prized lunch at Panera Bread Co. We settled for an extremely plain blue/brown plaid with a stripe of red running through it. Light blue paint completed the room. He has been thrilled ever since.

Little Chic, on the other hand, has been planning and scheming her room for months. She had planned to choose blue/brown for her room UNTIL the fateful day we used that for Brainy Boy's. At that point, it was vetoed. She declared that she did not want her room the same as his in any way.

She opted instead for a snazzy chocolate brown and fuscia ensemble and laid out her plan for the paint. She would be splatter painting her walls in hues of "chocolate brown" and "hot pink." In my style of no-fuss, no-muss decorating, that was a No Go.

As a second choice she decided she could live with two walls painted chocolate brown and two walls painted hot pink. I think not.

Finally, after much threatening to leave the room the way it was, she huffed and puffed that if I forced her to, she would live with a light tan as long as she could paint color blocks of her beloved chocolate brown and hot pink. That I can live with.

So this week while Little Chic is at summer camp, I am commissioned to put the light tan on the walls. I promised that I would wait till she gets home so we can collaborate on the exact placement of the 12 X 12 pink and brown bold color squares that we will add.

All I can say is....she better like it till she goes to college!

5 of Your THINKS:

Jenn Jones said...

There is a girl here at work whose office is chocolate and a green...2 walls chocolate...2 walls green and it actually looks pretty cool. :) I'm sure the blocks will be fun also!
I think Amy and I will have to make at trip up there and check it out.

Debbie said...

Oh the joys of paint! Even though Bob has given me permission to pick the wall colors, I still have trouble committing. I'm so excited though as I found just the right inspiration for our family room.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I want to see pictures!!!

Oh MY, Eric has really sprouted. Camron is 5'5"!!! Holy Moley!


melanie said...

You just have to show pictures! I definitely want to see the finished rooms!!

Moonshadow said...

Is this the difference between boys and girls ... or first-born and second-born? My two boys sound very like your children in their preferences: the first-born lets me pick ... but the second-born knows exactly what he wants ... and different from the first!

Oh, well, sounds nice ... we have lots of brown in our place now too. Very warm and cozy. Enjoy!