Sunday, August 31

Nature Lovin' It

We trekked out for an annual camping trip with friends last week. We usually make several trips a summer to the Adirondack forest, but time was seemingly short this summer--so we settled for one lone trip.We spent the first night in Muh Main Man's hunting cabin near Long Lake and then proceeded to our camp site on the water at Cranberry Lake where our buddies were waiting for us.

DogSpot even had a friend as our camping partners brought along their dog as well.

We spent six days chillin' in the boat, cooking over the camp stove, making S'mores around the campfire at night...all the usual thrills of being in the outdoors without technology and the responsibilities of home life. It was suprising that more than a few of the trees have already begun to change colors. I'm sure that's due to the fact that nights are reguarly in the 40s and we had two nights in the 30-degree range. Fortunately our camper is a bit more insulated than tents would be, so we fared fairly well.

It was a little sad to come home being that it was our only one for the season. I'm especially glum because of the pile of laundry that is nigh the height of Bear Mountain that we hiked one afternoon. I dare say the laundry will take longer to complete than our hike did.

We are back just in time to finish a few last minute school preparations and then the Juniors will be back in school on Wednesday--Little Chic in 6th grade and Brainy Boy over at the middle school in 7th. Sometimes the end of summer comes and I'm glad to get back into the swing of a routine, but I'm don't feel quite ready for this summer to end. This time it seems like there should be a little more to enjoy.

Thursday, August 21

Pretty Bedrooms

Here are a couple more pics that I took as I progressed through the finishing touches of the kids bedrooms.
It's scary that I actually painted these canvases for Brainy Boy's walls! Who knew I was so geometrically gifted ?!
For Little Chic's room, we started with a light tan wall and added chocolate brown and fuschia accents, like this wavy frame I painted around the wall calendar. She drew the shape and I painted it on the wall.
This was the door frame and some color blocks in progress. If I say so myself, I did a fantabulous job not getting paint on any woodwork, ceilings or carpet--without taping. You'd think I'd done this a few times.

We scattered color blocks of various sizes in brown and fuschia by order of Little Chic's design.

Luckily, we are all pretty happy with the results.

Monday, August 11

Room in Progress

Here are a few pics of the activity last week for Little Chic's room (which she loved when she got home from camp, by the way). It's not totally complete, but every day we work on a few more details. We'll have to see how faithful I am at uploading pictures so that I can post the pretties ;)

The room started out something like this...

...and it's shaping up something like this...I was a little wary about what we were gong to do with dark brown and hot pink, but it's pretty cute after all. I did put my foot down and refused to paint the walls solid pink and brown, but I bought the bedside table and painted it and also painted the top and knobs of the white dresser. The wall color is kind of a tan and today I put some brown and pink paint details on the walls. We don't have anything hung back up on the walls, but it's getting close!

I was a nervous wreck when I was putting chocolate colored paint on this white dresser! I actually had to paint it twice since the first time, I did not sand and prime it like my girlfriend told me to. The next day as I was measuring the top for a piece of plexiglass, the paint scraped right off! I ended up peeling the entire top in one whole big piece of paint. So then I decided to sand and paint it like I should've in the first place!

This is one of my favorite things...I love storage bins of every kind! I'd say I may be addicted to them. Lucky for me, they came in dark brown.

In Little Chic's words, "The other room was just so....well, babyish, and this new one is all sophisticated and stuff."

Tuesday, August 5

The Difference Between Boys & Girls

The time has been long overdue to repaint the rooms of the Short People.

::Fair Warning:: This will be the last time I refer to them as the "Short People" due to the recent advancement in the height of Brainy Boy. He is now 64.25 inches...I am 64 inches even. After the present post, they will be called "the Juniors."

Any-whooo, Brainy Boy had no interest in actually helping pick out his decor or room color, other than insisting that it be something "plain." Our initial pick was gray/white/black striped bedding, but Muh Main Man has some weird psychotic allergy to black. I usually completely ignore his decorating advice, but in a moment of weakness, I let him convince me that the color scheme was too Goth. I bribed Brainy Boy to come along and pick an alternative by offering a prized lunch at Panera Bread Co. We settled for an extremely plain blue/brown plaid with a stripe of red running through it. Light blue paint completed the room. He has been thrilled ever since.

Little Chic, on the other hand, has been planning and scheming her room for months. She had planned to choose blue/brown for her room UNTIL the fateful day we used that for Brainy Boy's. At that point, it was vetoed. She declared that she did not want her room the same as his in any way.

She opted instead for a snazzy chocolate brown and fuscia ensemble and laid out her plan for the paint. She would be splatter painting her walls in hues of "chocolate brown" and "hot pink." In my style of no-fuss, no-muss decorating, that was a No Go.

As a second choice she decided she could live with two walls painted chocolate brown and two walls painted hot pink. I think not.

Finally, after much threatening to leave the room the way it was, she huffed and puffed that if I forced her to, she would live with a light tan as long as she could paint color blocks of her beloved chocolate brown and hot pink. That I can live with.

So this week while Little Chic is at summer camp, I am commissioned to put the light tan on the walls. I promised that I would wait till she gets home so we can collaborate on the exact placement of the 12 X 12 pink and brown bold color squares that we will add.

All I can say is....she better like it till she goes to college!