Thursday, July 31

Do I Still Qualify as a Blogger?

I first began slowing down my blog entries when I took a regular part-time job with a local school this spring. I found that the new schedule and limited time just cut into my blogging. But I missed it. The pipeline continued to dribble throughout the remainder of the school year, while I looked forward to summertime and a chance to re-indulge my passion for posting. But summer has come and I'm finding myself not taking the chance to blog. I'm not totally sure why. I think it's partly from being busy with projects that have been put off for too long and partly from reveling in the freedom that has come from not having a job for the first summer ever. And running every event through my brain as a possible blog entry just became a drag. And I haven't really missed it. I've missed YOU guys and I actually feel a little guilty sometimes for not checking in, but I haven't felt the motivation to get going. Hopefully it's not permanent (well, I'm hoping anyway...I'm not sure if you are). I'm thinking I'm in a slump. It would make me feel kind of blue if I had to admit I'm not a blogger anymore.

But, Hey! Perhaps this post is the start of my renewal. After all, I blogged it ;)

Saturday, July 12

Wanna See Something Weird?!

14 months ago, we adopted our sweet DogSpot from a humane society in Pennsylvania. She is beautiful, though admittedly unique-looking.

While we were in Florida, our neighbors adopted a 4-1/2 month old puppy from a litter at a New York humane society. We could not believe our eyes when we saw a virtual twin of our own dog.

Neither they, nor we could believe the similarity in our dogs! We were told, at adoption, that our dog was Jack Russell/Boxer mix (or possibly Jack Russell/Pit bull). They were told that their puppy is Boxer/Pit bull/Labrador.

We brought our dog over to meet her look-alike today, and they really hit it off--it was so strange to see the two of them looking so much the same!
The main difference between the two is that Molly, the neighbor's puppy, has droopy ears and DogSpot has very pointy, upright ears.

Who knows, we may have to take them on the road together!