Sunday, June 8

Th' Good, Th' Bad & Th' Ugly

Th' Good - It seems that the problem with my internet service for the past two months boiled down to a conflict between my Norton antivirus firewall and my wireless router firewall. I'm going with that story although we've had two other false-fixes from the lovely Time Warner tech, so time will tell. It's probably a good sign that I did stay up and running even during a thunderstorm today. That makes us all happy because when my internet is down--well, it's not so easy to stay pretty during those times, Ya'll.

Th' Bad - I can no longer blame my lack of blogging on lack of internet. I have to come up with yet another creative excuse for why my blog has become more of a task than an outlet for the last month or so. It seems that working nigh to full-time takes a toll on more than my laundry basket. I've been filling in for a sick co-worker so, sadly, you'll have to do with less of my pontificating for a bit longer--till school's out on the loveliest of days, June 24. I know, I know...I'm collecting baskets of sympathy from my down-south readers who would be horrified to follow the school calendar that we have in these parts.

Th' Ugly - As I was making my umpteenth cup of coffee in my hand-me-down Senseo (which has become the most beloved of possessions in the last few weeks of a harried schedule) it BROKE. I was such a pitiful mess that Muh Main Man offered to bring his own Senseo home from work for me to use. (This would be the same one I had vigorously coveted before my sweet friend gave me hers that she wasn't using). It is true that I have a 12-cup maker that is perfectly adequate and that I really liked before, but since getting the Senseo, I just cannot resist its two-minute quickness and the eerily Starbucks-like brew that it makes! Lucky for me, Muh Main Man missed his flight out to DC this evening, so I'll only have to wait until tomorrow evening for him to bring in the reserves. Unless he forgets. Which he won't. Because I won't let him ;)

3 of Your THINKS:

shortchange said...

Glad you are back online. I've missed your inspiring blogs and words of wisdom.

My computer guru son warned me about things like what happened to you. Different programs often don't like eachother is what he told me.

I understand fully about the lack of coffee. While banished to decafe I still need my fix.

Shortchange Gene

Debbie said...

So good to see you again! And many happy trails with that pot yer Main Man brings you!

writer2b said...

Blogging is still new to me, but I can see how a sabbatical might be necessary now and then...

It's officially June 25, so welcome to summer!