Wednesday, April 30

Library Idol

Little Chic's school did a spin-off of American Idol to celebrate reading. She and a friend wrote a song about the library and performed it in front of the school. They made it through the initial round, and then on to "Hollywood" where they performed in front of the whole school yesterday. They didn't win the contest, but they were the only ones whose picture was printed in the local paper!

Also shown in the picture is "Principal" playing Randy Jackson, "Gym Teacher" playing Paula and "Reading Teacher" playing Simon Cowell. It's a nice effect that that Reading Teacher happens to be from England. The accent works.

2 of Your THINKS:

Alexandria said...

How awesome!! Congrats to Little Chic on her song and them getting far in the competition as well as being in the paper!

jenny said...

That's really great! I love how active your whole family seems to be in your community/schools. Would have loved to hear their song.