Thursday, April 17

I'm Not a Chicken, No I'm Not.

#3 is False.

Although I am one to force myself to face my fears i.e., I'll run out to the car to retrieve something I've forgotten without a flashlight, even though I'm afraid of the dark; AND I always ride the roller coasters at amusement parks even though I'm afraid of heights; AND I always squish the spiders myself even though they give me the heebie-jeebies....I have not and have no plans to bungee jump. I' had the opportunity once and passed on it. I thoroughly convinced myself that I do not need to prove that I can.

That would be unless the Amazing Race comes calling. Then I'd do it. But that's the only way. Not because I'm afraid. I just don't need to.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

You are somethin' else, yes you are! And I'll be your biggest fan when you blaze a trail on the Amazing Race!

Anonymous said...

You and John need to do the Amazing Race...would LOVE to see it!

I remember you talking about the bungee jumping (I actually do listen!). So, I KNEW it!!!!


gail d said...

Scott and I love the amazing race! A friend records it and sends it to us after the season is over. I agree that the bungee jumping scares my pants off. But after our trip here, I think that just traveling in general stresses me out and I would be one of those people who cry and scream through the whole race.