Tuesday, April 1

Half Dead & Not Long for this World

We have a tree on one side of our house that has been...we'll just say struggling...for a while now. Muh Main Man has threatened to chop it down which is fine with me. I'm all for wide open spaces. Less leaves that way, not that I rake or anything. But anyhow, this afternoon Little Chic was out in the rain and decided to jump on the trampoline. Playing in the rain, by the way, is the most favorite pastime of both of my kids. Bar none. It is usually mid-summer before they're allowed to do this, but we had an unusually warm 60-degree day today. And Muh Main Man gets grumpy every time I let them. On account of it being ridiculous, or something (I suspect it's the mud). But I digress.

Anywhooo, Little Chic went to jump on the trampoline and found that something else had taken a turn first. Compliments of her are 2 pictures. One is of the detached appendage and the other is where it used to belong. Or so she tells me.

I suppose this means Muh Main Man has yet another task to add to his list, which was procrastinated to this point because of a lack of time. We may just decide to light it afire and roast some marshmallows on it. After the rain dries, of course.

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