Thursday, April 3

Before You Knew Me

One of the unfortunate aspects of my growing up years was that my parents moved a lot. For that reason, I never have really had a place that I considered myself "from". The closest hometown I have would probably be where I spent my Jr. High and high school years in Florida since I have kept in touch with many of the people I went to High School with. But the first place I really considered home is definitely Greenville, SC.

Before I moved to Florida, my parents lived in South Carolina where I attended the Bob Jones elementary and junior high schools from 3rd grade until halfway through 8th. Some of my dearest memories are of the friendships I had during those formative years but I had completely lost contact with everyone I ever knew from that time. It was devastating when we moved halfway through my eighth grade year and I have dreamed of getting reacquainted with some of the kids I knew back then. A few months ago, (in a really roundabout way that is way too complicated to describe), I found my very best bud online from back in Jr. High. She was nice enough to pass me some pictures during our 7th grade year. For some reason, I have no pictures of myself during that period of time. I don't know if my parents didn't have a camera or if my mom just pitched a lot of stuff when we moved, but I was glad to get these. I realize the cheerleading skirts could practically be considered tea length, but think conservative Baptist school, People. BFF is on the bottom right in the "pyramid", but you'll have to figure out for yourself which one I am.

5 of Your THINKS:

w2wkb said...

The most difficult thing about that move for me (half-way through my 6th grade year) was that Stephanie Witt (a twin no less) had just started to "like me back."

Mary Ellen said...

How cool to "find" her after all this time. I love how the internet has provided a way to get back in touch with old friends and a way to keep up with everybody on a regular basis.

I recognize the chick on the left in the second row...but at first glance your friend looks a lot like you. Cute pics.

Debbie said...

What a great post! I'm so happy you guys were able to find each other after all these years! I'm so happy you were able to secure some pics too! Like Mary Ellen, I think your bff looks a lot like you too! But I had no trouble spying you.

Melanie said...

Isn't is amazing how we can find people online?

I think your bff looks a lot like you- I would have guessed that was you if hadn't told. But, I'm pretty sure I found in you in the 2nd row on the left.

Anonymous said...

I was born at Bob Jones University Hospital on June 15, 1975....We moved before I was in school, though.