Sunday, March 9

Time at a Premium

These days, with time at a premium, I just sometimes don't have a bloomin' thing worth reporting. I used to have a lot more time to just create a story out of nuthin' but that's not working for me lately.

In the interest of keeping you in the loop of bloggy lifedom, though, I suppose I should fill you in on a few things that have, in fact, come to pass as I have put my poor Thinks on the back burner whilst putting out all the fires here and yon.

#1-Little Chic had the honor of performing in an All County chorus this past weekend. Although thrilled for her, a little known fact about me is that I sincerely dread going to events where I am watching other people's children perform. Oh, I do love it when they watch mine, but I don't generally enjoy returning the favor (although of course, I do it with a brilliant smile). However, my bias was completely crushed when the concert turned out to be one of the most impressive I've ever attended. In a mere weekend of practice, they had the 5th-6th grade chorus singing fantastic 3-part harmony and as well as a song in Hebrew. Pictures and video weren't allowed, but we are purchasing a copy of the DVD--we'll see if we can paste a clip once it gets here.

#2-I've been successful in NOT getting kicked out of the Kmart New Day Your Way contest that I'm in with my kickboxing class. That is a feat, if I do say so myself. It is a 12-week contest where you weigh in every two weeks. No missing weigh ins - or you're booted. You also have to lose a pound a week--or you're out. I have a piteous fear of being the first kicked out, and apparently, I work well under pressure. We are in week 8 and I've so far I've exceeded my goal every time--with one squeak-by. But still!

#3-Little Chic has discovered, on her own, that she loves doing laundry. And can you say "Happy Mama"?. This is one task that I'm always chasing to keep under control and my 10-year old actually does a darn-tootin' fine job. On the down side, I do see a raise in a allowance perhaps, but I anticipate my mood will be greatly elevated as I dish out the extra dollars. Depending on how long the thrill lasts for her, of course.

#4-Other than that, I survived my most dreaded day of the year--Spring Forward day (when we lose that precious hour). I hung in there even with a zillion things going on at church this morning -- of course with me involved in them all. I also persevered when I found out that Muh Main Man's truck window got blown out during a severe wind storm last night, which required an extra run back home from church to get him and the Short People. I will admit though, that upon returning home this afternoon, I near passed out for an afternoon nap. After I sucked down some chocolate pudding. As a sleep aid.

I'm sure lots more has happened, but we'll save those thrills for next time...

4 of Your THINKS:

Heather said...

I don't think I would mind handing out a little extra allowance for laundry either.

Have a :) week!

~Heather :)

Allana Martian said...

#2. The prizes are awesome for the Kmart New Day contest! Hope you win!

#3. Ain't it great? Becca is doing her own laundry. Yipee! Plus, she does most of the switching of the loads for me. It's worth the extra allowance for sure!

Melanie said...

Great to have an update!

Congrats on the weight loss- keep it up!!

Amy B. said...

Aahhh...well, I decided to run by your blog b/c our schedules are completely off now. Your gone when I'm home and I'm home when your at work. Oh well, I'll be checking in more often, me thinks to make sure I stay up to date :)