Sunday, March 2

Some Days Are Not Meant to be Enjoyed

Actually, today was just dandy. I was yesterday that I barely survived.

I woke up chilly. Not a good sign for a household that keeps the heat/air set to 70-degrees year round. I noticed that the upstairs thermostat was showing 65. I ventured downstairs, realizing that frost was beginning to form on my nose before I made it to the thermostat on the lower level. Okay, it was 60. But still. I turned off the furnace. I turned on the furnace. Nothing.

As luck would have it, Muh Main Man was out of town for the entire weekend. A mayday call to his cell phone confirmed that he was out of service in the North Country. I decided not to rise to the occasion and prove myself self-sufficient. I called the furnace guy. Thankfully he was over within the hour and the Lord heard my prayers. We do not need a new furnace. But apparently I do need have my furnace serviced and cleaned at least as often as I do my windows. Fortunately the part only cost $7 plus a weekend service call, but that I'll gladly pay to get the internal temperature back up to a respectable level.

We proceeded on with our day, arriving in the nick of time for Little Chic's final cheerleading exposition and my worship team practice. And then I succumbed to the pitiful begging of Little Chic and took her and Neighbor Girl ice skating. I've been ignoring the pleas all winter and it was getting to the point that my integrity was being questioned. For multiple delays in skating dates. Or something or other. In 90 minutes, I reminded myself why I detest winter sports. It has everything to do with numb toes and noses. I hate that, truly I do. I suppose the real problem is that more than being cold, I hate being bundled up. A pair of jeans and and a couple layers on top is about the limit of what I can stand. Which leads to being cold. And hating winter sports.

I did manage to console myself with a pedicure at The Wal-Mart and I have to say that I am pleased every time I glance down at my neon teal-colored toenails with the little flowers adorning them. I can admit that the 30 minutes of massage chair and foot soaking did help dim the trauma of the day. If not erase it altogether.

And so, begins a new week with a working furnace, a thawed out nose and attractive toenails. If I do say so myself.

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Oh for the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm gonna make you show your toes when we go out today!

Allana Martian said...

Was the pedicure worth it when you have to shove the pretties in boots when you go outside? I guess just knowing how they look makes it all better. :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW, how much does a pedicure cost at Walmart?????? Never thought of that!!


Laurie said...

Hahahah! I have sooo GOT to get me one of those! But my feet are soooo ticklish that I'm would be a totally uncooperative giggling mess to work on. Sigh... but the thought is pure bliss!