Sunday, March 30

No School Administration in His Future

I have really been enjoying my two-hour a day job in the school office where I've been working. It's a great mix of bustle and interesting people, but no stress since it's for such a limited number of hours. Although I wouldn't classify myself as a kid person per se (in the sense that teaching kids all day was never a field that interested me)I love seeing the ones that pass in and out of the school office for various reasons. It is a hoot to hear what some of those kids are thinking out loud!

This last week, Naughty Boy had committed some indiscretion in his classroom and the consequence was spending the entire following day sitting outside of the Principal's office completing all of his classwork alone. As you can imagine, it was a long day for Naughty Boy, but he really was quite a trooper, although it was clear he was relieved when bus call finally arrived at the end of the day.

Principal was having an end-of-the-day discussion with Naughty Boy to determine if any lessons had been learned and see if perhaps the day of reflection had its desired effect.

Principal: "What have you learned today while you were sitting outside my office working all alone?"
Naughty Boy: "I dunno."
Principal: "Have you decided that you'd like to be a principal when you grow up?"
Naughty Boy: "No way!"
Principal: "Well, why not?"
Naughty Boy: "I don't want to hafta deal with all these kids!!"

I suppose that in the third grade, it doesn't occur to one that you just may be "one of those kids."

3 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

Outta the mouths of babes! ; )

Don't ever be jealous of me, OK? ; ) Let's just be cyber friends via here and Facebook. We are both real and I love it! Going to you tube right now. Thanks and blessings all over you!

Rochelle said...

Yeah that must be an interesting job for sure! I'm glad you are having fun in your new niche.
BTW...LOVED that You Tube with the little girl singing "Our Father"...that was AMAZING huh?

Debbie said...

Jennifer, this sounds like your perfect fix of being around people. No stress and sounds like your having so much fun. I'm so happy for you!