Sunday, March 23

The Comeback King!

As long as I remember, I've aways loved Easter Sunday. True that as a kidster, I'm sure it had more to do with those satiny white gloves and floppy hat I always wanted to wear. Well, and perhaps the hidden Easter basket filled with cavity-promotion material. But as happens if you know Christ, the real reason for celebrating Easter begins to sink in, become personal and it's just ...well, thrilling! As my pastor, Dr. D said today, Jesus was the ultimate Comeback King. We all love comebacks, don't we? You know, rooting for the underdog, getting an unanticipated, exciting result and all that.

Jesus beat unbelievable odds, shocked the cynics and beat the unbeatable - death and sin. And if you have Him in your life, you can make a comeback from your own bleak situation. The most awesome thing to me is that it wasn't an accident. It was planned that way. We just didn't know it at the time. The other thing that I love is that He died for each of us...He even did it for the ones of us who don't appreciate or accept his gift of forgiveness. I love that!

PS--Due to the craziness of the morning with the cantata and all, the camera was in tow but was remained unused for the duration of Easter morning. Thus no picture. So, sorry that you can't comment on how spiffy we all look (even though I decided to forego the satiny gloves and floppy hat) but we'll do a redress some Sunday in the near future. Oh, and it was kind of cool that the local news station showed up and featured our church cantata on the evening news. Here's a link

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Mary Ellen said...

Very cool video - saw you there in the last choir scene singing away!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing weekend! You're right -- knowing Jesus makes Easter THE greatest day of celebration. Thanks for being such a key part of everything, Jennifer. I appreciate you!

"Dr. D"

Anonymous said...

AWESOME video and I saw you at the end singing your heart away!


Alexandria said...

I completely agree with what you wrote. Yes, Easter is a blast as a child. But when you really start to understand and appreciate what Easter is all about, it becomes so much better!

Rochelle said...

Very cool that the news crew came out to celebrate Easter in your church with you!

Debbie said...

What a great Easter post and so neat that the your church was featured in the news!