Sunday, March 30

No School Administration in His Future

I have really been enjoying my two-hour a day job in the school office where I've been working. It's a great mix of bustle and interesting people, but no stress since it's for such a limited number of hours. Although I wouldn't classify myself as a kid person per se (in the sense that teaching kids all day was never a field that interested me)I love seeing the ones that pass in and out of the school office for various reasons. It is a hoot to hear what some of those kids are thinking out loud!

This last week, Naughty Boy had committed some indiscretion in his classroom and the consequence was spending the entire following day sitting outside of the Principal's office completing all of his classwork alone. As you can imagine, it was a long day for Naughty Boy, but he really was quite a trooper, although it was clear he was relieved when bus call finally arrived at the end of the day.

Principal was having an end-of-the-day discussion with Naughty Boy to determine if any lessons had been learned and see if perhaps the day of reflection had its desired effect.

Principal: "What have you learned today while you were sitting outside my office working all alone?"
Naughty Boy: "I dunno."
Principal: "Have you decided that you'd like to be a principal when you grow up?"
Naughty Boy: "No way!"
Principal: "Well, why not?"
Naughty Boy: "I don't want to hafta deal with all these kids!!"

I suppose that in the third grade, it doesn't occur to one that you just may be "one of those kids."

Saturday, March 29

Our Father

Like most parents, I indulge in bragging on my kiddos once in a while and I try to return the favor and listen to other people brag on theirs. We keep so busy adoring our own kids though, that we usually don't take the time to admire other people's. I'll make an exception tonight and say that this is probably the sweetest rendition of this song that I've ever seen. Maybe it'll inspire you celebrate the Sabbath with equal enthusiasm.

Thursday, March 27

I'm In Love!

....Senseo Style!

My good friend got a Senseo that she wasn't using. We had bought Muh Main Man one for his office months ago, and I've been harboring jealousy ever since. But I just couldn't justify two Senseos in one family--especially since I already have a coffeepot that I love.

Well, Good Friend said I could have hers. I picked it up yesterday and have gone through a fair share of pods already. I need to slow down. If for nothing other than the half 'n half that goes along with it's frothy awesomeness.

Tuesday, March 25

Second Time Through

You might remember that last year about this time, I embarked on a 13-week trek as the coordinator for a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class at my church.

We're currently in Week 3 for the second time through (and not because it didn't take the first time, either). We have a whole new batch of budget converts and we're all wishing that you could come along to visit for a class so you could get out of debt along with the rest of us.

If you wanna know more, click on the link and maybe you can find a class at a location near you!

Sunday, March 23

The Comeback King!

As long as I remember, I've aways loved Easter Sunday. True that as a kidster, I'm sure it had more to do with those satiny white gloves and floppy hat I always wanted to wear. Well, and perhaps the hidden Easter basket filled with cavity-promotion material. But as happens if you know Christ, the real reason for celebrating Easter begins to sink in, become personal and it's just ...well, thrilling! As my pastor, Dr. D said today, Jesus was the ultimate Comeback King. We all love comebacks, don't we? You know, rooting for the underdog, getting an unanticipated, exciting result and all that.

Jesus beat unbelievable odds, shocked the cynics and beat the unbeatable - death and sin. And if you have Him in your life, you can make a comeback from your own bleak situation. The most awesome thing to me is that it wasn't an accident. It was planned that way. We just didn't know it at the time. The other thing that I love is that He died for each of us...He even did it for the ones of us who don't appreciate or accept his gift of forgiveness. I love that!

PS--Due to the craziness of the morning with the cantata and all, the camera was in tow but was remained unused for the duration of Easter morning. Thus no picture. So, sorry that you can't comment on how spiffy we all look (even though I decided to forego the satiny gloves and floppy hat) but we'll do a redress some Sunday in the near future. Oh, and it was kind of cool that the local news station showed up and featured our church cantata on the evening news. Here's a link

Thursday, March 20

Sleeping till 10am Means it's Vacation

Muh Main Man is luckily the polar opposite of me--he's a morning person. Which I am not. Therefore he is on permanent alarm-clock backup which means if he wakes and my alarm has not gone off, he is under contract to wake me up. It only happens occasionally because I am compulsive about checking my alarm. And rechecking it. And checking it again. Actually, the problem isn't the's the snooze button that I push until it stops going off. Which does happen more than occasionally.

This morning was the first morning of Easter break. So I did not set my alarm. On purpose. Vacation days, especially Day One, are sacred sleep-in-as-late-as-you-want-with-no -disturbance days. I intended to sleep in until 10am. At least. Unfortunately, the Short People don't like to waste vacation days catching up on their sleep. Of course, they can barely drag out of bed on a regular school day, but snow days and vacation days call for efficient use of extra TV and computer time. Fortunately though, they realize that the later mom sleeps, the more TV they get to watch without me lecturing about chores, addled gray matter and all they let me sleep as long as I want.

But not Muh Main Man....he bolted out of bed at 7am dutifully announced that I hadn't set my alarm. I informed him there was no school. As if we haven't been rejoicing about this fact all week, he was totally confused as to why there was no school. He told me the weather was fine and was shocked when I told him it was Easter break. Must be he figures if his work doesn't close down for an extra three days, nobody else's does either!

Sunday, March 16

Awww, Thanks, Guys!

The awesome PTA that I'm part of at the School of the Short People recently nominated me for a Founder's Day award. Founders Day is a reminder of the substantial role that PTA has played locally, regionally, and nationally in supporting parent involvement and working on behalf of all children and families. Each year, people are selected from the individual PTA chapters to honor their contribution to the local school. Anyway, I got nominated this year. And it made me feel special.

Tuesday, March 11

The Color Wheel is not my Friend

But I coulda told you that without the test to prove it.

Monday, March 10

We Love Winning!!

Thanks, Allana! Little Chic loved the skirt we won from your blog giveaway!

Sunday, March 9

Time at a Premium

These days, with time at a premium, I just sometimes don't have a bloomin' thing worth reporting. I used to have a lot more time to just create a story out of nuthin' but that's not working for me lately.

In the interest of keeping you in the loop of bloggy lifedom, though, I suppose I should fill you in on a few things that have, in fact, come to pass as I have put my poor Thinks on the back burner whilst putting out all the fires here and yon.

#1-Little Chic had the honor of performing in an All County chorus this past weekend. Although thrilled for her, a little known fact about me is that I sincerely dread going to events where I am watching other people's children perform. Oh, I do love it when they watch mine, but I don't generally enjoy returning the favor (although of course, I do it with a brilliant smile). However, my bias was completely crushed when the concert turned out to be one of the most impressive I've ever attended. In a mere weekend of practice, they had the 5th-6th grade chorus singing fantastic 3-part harmony and as well as a song in Hebrew. Pictures and video weren't allowed, but we are purchasing a copy of the DVD--we'll see if we can paste a clip once it gets here.

#2-I've been successful in NOT getting kicked out of the Kmart New Day Your Way contest that I'm in with my kickboxing class. That is a feat, if I do say so myself. It is a 12-week contest where you weigh in every two weeks. No missing weigh ins - or you're booted. You also have to lose a pound a week--or you're out. I have a piteous fear of being the first kicked out, and apparently, I work well under pressure. We are in week 8 and I've so far I've exceeded my goal every time--with one squeak-by. But still!

#3-Little Chic has discovered, on her own, that she loves doing laundry. And can you say "Happy Mama"?. This is one task that I'm always chasing to keep under control and my 10-year old actually does a darn-tootin' fine job. On the down side, I do see a raise in a allowance perhaps, but I anticipate my mood will be greatly elevated as I dish out the extra dollars. Depending on how long the thrill lasts for her, of course.

#4-Other than that, I survived my most dreaded day of the year--Spring Forward day (when we lose that precious hour). I hung in there even with a zillion things going on at church this morning -- of course with me involved in them all. I also persevered when I found out that Muh Main Man's truck window got blown out during a severe wind storm last night, which required an extra run back home from church to get him and the Short People. I will admit though, that upon returning home this afternoon, I near passed out for an afternoon nap. After I sucked down some chocolate pudding. As a sleep aid.

I'm sure lots more has happened, but we'll save those thrills for next time...

Thursday, March 6

Who Am I?

This is Awesome!

Sunday, March 2

Some Days Are Not Meant to be Enjoyed

Actually, today was just dandy. I was yesterday that I barely survived.

I woke up chilly. Not a good sign for a household that keeps the heat/air set to 70-degrees year round. I noticed that the upstairs thermostat was showing 65. I ventured downstairs, realizing that frost was beginning to form on my nose before I made it to the thermostat on the lower level. Okay, it was 60. But still. I turned off the furnace. I turned on the furnace. Nothing.

As luck would have it, Muh Main Man was out of town for the entire weekend. A mayday call to his cell phone confirmed that he was out of service in the North Country. I decided not to rise to the occasion and prove myself self-sufficient. I called the furnace guy. Thankfully he was over within the hour and the Lord heard my prayers. We do not need a new furnace. But apparently I do need have my furnace serviced and cleaned at least as often as I do my windows. Fortunately the part only cost $7 plus a weekend service call, but that I'll gladly pay to get the internal temperature back up to a respectable level.

We proceeded on with our day, arriving in the nick of time for Little Chic's final cheerleading exposition and my worship team practice. And then I succumbed to the pitiful begging of Little Chic and took her and Neighbor Girl ice skating. I've been ignoring the pleas all winter and it was getting to the point that my integrity was being questioned. For multiple delays in skating dates. Or something or other. In 90 minutes, I reminded myself why I detest winter sports. It has everything to do with numb toes and noses. I hate that, truly I do. I suppose the real problem is that more than being cold, I hate being bundled up. A pair of jeans and and a couple layers on top is about the limit of what I can stand. Which leads to being cold. And hating winter sports.

I did manage to console myself with a pedicure at The Wal-Mart and I have to say that I am pleased every time I glance down at my neon teal-colored toenails with the little flowers adorning them. I can admit that the 30 minutes of massage chair and foot soaking did help dim the trauma of the day. If not erase it altogether.

And so, begins a new week with a working furnace, a thawed out nose and attractive toenails. If I do say so myself.