Friday, January 11

Think Green

I'm not a particularly green-minded person, I'm embarrassed to admit. I do my share of recycling because frankly, the garbage company requires clear bags and will leave our garbage sitting at the curb if there are cans, bottles, glass jars and that sort of stuff included. I do make a very moderate attempt at turning off lights, not running the hot water too long and that kind of thing, but if it's too inconvenient, I really don't do my part. And if it's not comfortable---let's just say I neeeed the heat set at 70 in the bitter cold winter.

I did decide to begin experimenting a year ago with the fluorescent lights that have become increasingly popular. That's the only conscious change I've made in our power consumption and even though our temperatures have been 8 degrees colder this month compared to a year ago, our power consumption is down 24 kwh on a daily average. When I first began the switch, I noticed a drop in our power bill, and now that we've been using them for a year, our monthly bill is about $60 less than it used to be.

Since we've made such a noticeable difference, I'm going to continue to switch out to fluorescents as my incandescents burn out (I'm about 75% switched) and I might even be inspired to put on a sweater & turn down the heat.

8 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

wow! that's really a big difference! I haven't switched but a few lights to fluorescents in our house...this may inspire me to switch quite a few more.

Laura said...

Wow - that is a big difference...we have a few, but I should invest in more.

thanks for sharing and encouraging me to make the switch!

Kimberly said...

We just started swithing light-bulbs, too. I like the effect and I'm anxious to see if they really last 6 years!!

Mrs Mecomber said...

Outstanding! In New York, every penny counts. I have been very wary of the CFLs, because of their mercury content. I'm hoping for more technology on the horizon.

I do wonder why we are seeing technology advance with leaps and bounds for things like cloning, but when it comes to our oil dependence or energy use, it's like we're still in the 1910s.

laurie said...

You should have bought stock in those bulbs before you endorsed them huh? I too have been switching but not at a fast rate. I guess I'd better get busy. I've had the ones in the Kitchen for 3 years now.

Regina said...

Wow, $60 is a nice little peice of change to be saving! I just started switching out light bulbs, and I also recently turned my hot water tank down, so we'll see what happens!

Melanie said...

Well, I'm certainly not going to turn my heat down below 70 degrees. But, after this post I'm going to consider the fluorescents. They are just so expensive up front, but if I could lower our power bill it would be all worth it. I wonder if the bulbs really last for 6-7 years though.

Heather said...

I popped over here from 5 minutes for mom ... thanks for posting this - I need to go more green myself!