Tuesday, January 22

Snowflake Ball 2008

Saturday night marked the fifth Snowflake Father/Daughter Dance that Little Chic has gone to with Muh Main Man. As always, the dress has been planned since before Christmas and the entire afternoon was a flurry of getting flowers, doing hair and asking if it was time to go every five minutes for four hours prior to the start of the ball.

This year was no disappointment and even an hours-long line at Red Lobster for dinner after the dance couldn't dampen their spirits. They opted for Friendly's with the big ice cream sundaes instead.

Next year will be a little sad because it will be Little Chic's last year at her school where the dance is held. We won't mention the social dances that follow the year after ;(

While the the fleet of feet were doing their thing, Brainy Boy and I did ours by spending the evening at our favorite haunt, Barnes & Noble. We scored a latte', a piece of cheesecake and a Dilbert book we surprisingly didn't already own.

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Debbie said...

Your Little Chic is so beautiful and she's turning from a very cute girl into a beautiful lady! Sad, sad news about next year being the last but I know these times will be priceless treasures for her.

Jenn Jones said...


Laura said...

What a cutie - she looks so lovely all dressed up and Daddy looks so proud!

Thanks for sharing!

livin' with me said...

She is beautiful! I think her daddy is going to be pretty busy scaring away the boys in a couple of years.