Thursday, January 31

...My, Oh, My, What a Wonderful Day...

....really, it is. Seriously. I've spent an uninterrupted week at home with my little darlings. Who's mentioning that they've been sick? And pitifully sick at that. I have to say that in my 11 years experience as a mom, I have never seen them quite this sick for this long. I've made an unofficial "mom diagnosis" of the flu. And an expert I should be in this topic since I have been a medical transcriptionist for the past 11 years and I participated in a flu study - for two years running. So go with me on this one. Got it?

It started with Muh Main Man, as we've so faithfully reminded him throughout the week. The Short People got sick almost on cue Sunday afternoon/evening. It started with an extremely sore throat and some stomach queasiness. It progressed to aching and lethargy which prompted our visit to the doctor Tuesday morning. She suspected strep was on the way, although the rapid test was negative. She gave an antibiotic which has done nothing but launch the stomach upset to an all time high. I can only hope that it did ward off impending strep, but the Short People have not improved at all over the course of the week. Today was day four of missed school, which was a first in their student careers. It's doubtful they'll be going tomorrow either. I have to say they are feeling about as miserable as they did at the beginning of the week.

Proof positive of the sick level is that the Xbox has been on for a total of about 30 minutes for the entire week as has the computer-generated entertainment. The most excitement we've had since the bug hit is to have a duet of moaning from the couch with Full House reruns in the background.

I have to say that Muh Main Man has done more than his fair share of the nursing, as he was still home sick for the first half of the week. He dragged his own pitiful self out of bed to fix a scrambled egg or a give a medicine dose here or there while I ran around fulfilling special requests like this little gem. Brainy Boy got a hankering for a special breakfast entree that Unke (sister Amy's hubby, Uncle Dale) fixed at Thanksgiving. In true gourmet fashion, the only thing that would hit the spot was Brie and apples on raisin toast with balsamic maple syrup. Go figure. That little piece of heaven was pretty much the only thing he was able to eat for the week too.

I'm hoping that they are on the upswing soon because TLC is exhausting, folks! You'd think I would have the house whipped into shape, the laundry all caught up and have hours to just sit and read stories to keep everyone's minds off their misery. But truth be told, it's a mess around here. We're in a heap of tissues, plastic cups and paper plates. You have no idea how long it takes to snuggle up for an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or a cozy nap beside the sickies!

I'm just hoping that with my participation in the flu study, I got the real shot and not the placebo. Wouldn't that be a kicker?

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear the kids are still under the weather. But that breakfast sure does look delightful!

laurie said...

I am not having it too rough yet. Austin was worse than they thought so he has had alot of pain. Katlyn has been up and around helping with her brother. We are having the worst time trying to get him to drink anything. He just simply says he can't but I know he'll end up in the hospital if he doesn't get the liquids down. Hopefully today will be better.

Jenn Jones said...

That was a yummy breakfast I can see how it would hit the spot! Hope you stay healthy!