Tuesday, January 29

Invasion of the Healthy Snatchers

We can't ignore the truth any longer...it is clear that Muh Main Man has indeed bequeathed the most miserable of germs to our offspring. Little Chic and Brainy Boy were both feeling a little punk by Sunday night and stayed home from school to keep us company on Monday. You can imagine what a little party that was ;)

By last night, Little Chic was running 103 degrees warm and barking like the resident seal. Lucky for us, Muh Main Man totes his rescue supplies where ever he goes and breathing treatments are a regular necessity on the rescue squad...so fixed her right up. Brainy Boy fared a bit better with just a very sore throat and incessant coughing.

A visit to the doctor this morning confirmed....they are sick. Who knew? Five prescriptions later from antibiotics to cough medicines to steroids and hopefully they'll be on the mend. Because believe me - I've got about one more good day in me of entertaining sickies. Any more than that and I'm headed for the loony bin.

5 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

UGH! I sure hope the fam is feeling better soon!

Jenn Jones said...

Not Fun! I hope everyone is well soon!

Anonymous said...


I know the feeling of feeling cooped up, but I bet you got LOTS of stuff done around the house! That is the only time I get organized.

Stay healthy, moms NEVER are supposed to get sick!

Laura said...

I sure hope you do not join us in the looney bin!!! Our entire house hold has been sick for over a week...and it is terrible...green gunk coming out of eye, ears and noses...not a pretty site!

Take care of yourself and keep healthy!

Melanie said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. I certainly don't want you to end up in the loony bin. I don't know if they'll let you blog from there ;)