Saturday, January 5

Atomic....My Foot!

About a year ago, Muh Main Man needed a new alarm clock, so in all my gadgety-wisdom, I bought him one of the atomic models that sets itself by the one somewhere in the nether-regions of the US. The thing is, we've never really learned to properly use it, as Muh Main Man doesn't have the interest and I don't have the wherewithal. Translate brains or gumption.

Anyway, Muh Main Man is the genius-sort and has been able to get the thing to alarm when he needs it and shut off when he desires, so it works. Until this morning. Muh Main Man had a big sledding trip scheduled and had the alarm set for 6:30am. On a Saturday morning--can you imagine?! He woke to the light of day, checked the big bad atomic clock and it read 5:30am. He thought it was curious as there's not usually any light at that hour, but he went back to sleep only to wake up to the ringing phone at 7:20am and his buddies wondering where he was. He was to meet them at 7am and for some reason, the big bad atomic clock failed him.

It still works though, because it blared at 8:30am stating loudly that it was 6:30. Right on time, or so it thought. I didn't have my contacts in, but I pushed some buttons and it shut up, so I seem to have turned it off. But I have no idea how we are going to reset the time. I'll probably just go buy a regular one. Seems easier.

UPDATE: Well, at 12:07 pm I looked at the clock to see if I could re-set it, and it was correct! So my theory is that Santa took our alarm along on his rounds for Russian Christmas and the time just hadn't caught up yet. Or something like that.

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Laura said...

errrr.... I hate alarm clocks! In our house we have alarm surprises after little fingers have played with them!

thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

Hahahahah! Funny! We had one of those bird wall clocks that a well-meaning relative thought would be a great addition to our home school room. When the thing had a different chirp or warble for every hour! Fortunately, if we ran it on only one battery, instead of the recommended two, it kept great time, and stopped tweeting!

Fida Abbott said...

Hi Jenlo,

Thank you so much for your visit to my Blog. I am glad you enjoy looking around my blog. It means that it is worth enough to me in building my blog hardly step by step.

I have seen your family pictures. It looks you have happy family. Congratulations!!

Regards from PA,
Fida Abbott

Barrie said...

We had the same hour-off problem with our atomic alarm clock! Maybe Santa took ours to Russia too!

Debbie said...

That's hilarious! We just got the new Sony alarm and when we plugged it in, it automatically knew what time it was.