Friday, November 9

I Love It When the Chips Fall In My Favor

Although my local Sam's Club didn't make me feel special in my gift-toting dilemma, Bath & Body Works has come to the rescue. Now, I am not generally a coupon maven. Not that I'm all un-frugal or anything. I'm just allergic to hassle. I tend to forget to clip the coupon, or more likely, once I clip it, I forget to bring it along. Or I get there with the coupon and there are all these limit on it. Limits aren't my thing so I'm not the champion cents saver in that sort of way. I'm more of a sales type of girl.

But then.

Into my mailbox came a $10 off a $30 purchase from Bath & Body works. The fine print didn't say anything about regular purchases or excluding this-n-that, so I've clutched it to my bosom since the day it fluttered it's paper wings into my mailbox. So I'd have it when I needed it. You know how those needs just pop up sometimes like that. Anyway, I decided I needed it today. For some stocking stuffers for others. And for some scent-a-ma-thingies for myself. I use them in my outlets because I'm a smell freak. I smell things sometimes and if it's not good...well, let's just say I'll dig high & low to figure out where the smell is coming from. But back to the coupon.

Not only did the lovely Bath & Body works let me buy all sorts of 75% and 50% and special $3 items to add up to my $30 (so I could get the $10 off) they also rewarded me with a $10 gift certificate for spending $20. Apparently I'm highly motivated by rewards because I'm going back over tonight to spend the $10. And to get the free lip balm which also came delivered into my mailbox via a nice little coupon.

Excuse me while I get to clipping...because now I've decided to clip.

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jenny said...

Hey, thanks so much for the tip! I, too, had saved that coupon that came in the mail...but after reading your blog I decided to hightail it over to the local B&B only to find out that promotion was last week. But, the sales clerk proceeded to give me one of her personal gift certificates (she said she had too many to use) so I was delighted to get this steal of a deal. I loaded up on the antibacterial soaps...great Christmas gifts for teachers. Thanks SO much for sharing!!!