Saturday, November 10

Barely Minimum

Muh Main Man bought a snowmobile this week. We've He's been dreaming of owning a sled, and one practically fell into his lap. He's been watching the skies all week, waiting for some promised flurries to make their way to the ground so he could take it for a trial run. We got the snow this morning. Is it just me, or is this what would qualify as barely enough to be called a snowfall ?! The important thing is that we look good on it :)

2 of Your THINKS:

Laura said...

We can relate over here at The Fringe. We went to the ski swap this weekend and the boys have been wlaking around the house in their new skiis wishing for snow...and we only have rain in the forecast...let's boy hope for snow so our boys cn play with their toys.

Cool sled - enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I just happened across your blog, and enjoyed reading around a bit. Just had to comment, because I live in Michigan, where we get lots of snow, but I have NEVER been on a snowmobile!! Crazy, eh? I'm jealous!!