Wednesday, November 7


I found something at Sam's Club that I want to buy for Christmas. It needs to go with me to TX at Thanksgiving time. I tried to order it online but it said you can only get it in club. So I went in club, just like they told me to. Yes I did. The thing turns out to be too big to take on the airplane along with the other myriad items that we'll be taking along for a week long trip. Plus early Christmas. It's also too big to mail at a reasonable rate.

So I go to the nice customer service man and ask if I can pay for it but just pick it up at the Sam's Club in TX. He says he's sure I can. He calls his manger who says it's just not possible. Nice Customer Service Guy is looking at me with a perturbed look that says his manager is not cooperating. Of course he isn't. He even suggests to his manager that perhaps a different manager would be able to "make it work." Manager did not appreciate this and Nice Customer Service Guy apologized to me, but decided to save his job. For which I did not blame him.

And so.

I will be calling TX Sam's Club to see if perhaps they will let me place an order over the phone. If not, my mom will be trotting over to buy her own Christmas gift. And that just won't do.

2 of Your THINKS:

Jenn Jones said...

Maybe you could ask your sister to haul it in her van... :)

Regina said...

Don't you just love the total helpfulness and cooperation paying customers receive!!!!
Hope you come up with a plan C,D or E!