Thursday, November 8

Ahead of Myself in a Desperate Sort of Way

Thanksgiving is in a mere two weeks from today and generally that's not cause for alarm. But this year it is. We are traveling to see family for Thanksgiving and Clever Sister thought it would be a great idea to exchange gifts while we are together. I thought so too when she first suggested it. Two weeks ago. Since then, I've been scrambling to do in a few weeks what usually takes me a few months. Namely, shop for unique and creative gifts for each member of my family. I was a bit smug and self-satisfied last week when I scored gifts for all the little ones in one fell swoop at Target. I was particularly excited to see how the Aqua Dots would work once little niece opens them up. But Plan B has yet again reared its ugly head. A mere 18 hours ago, NextDoorNeighbor emailed me a story about how Aqua Dots were being pulled off the shelves. Being the Snopes hog that I am, I looked at the link and Googled a few articles. Nothing much came up so I figured the information source wasn't reliable. So I deleted the email.

Fast forward to 10:00pm last night when apparently the mainstream media got a hold of the story that Aqua Dots are apparently coated with a dangerous chemical and will kill your kid if they eat them. Which they might since they are all colorful-like and stuff. So this morning, not only is the story all over the media but the internet is almost devoid of pictures and links to the toy that was supposed to be a hot item this Christmas season. How'd they do that so fast?!

Anywhooo, I'm going tuck my tail between my legs (as if it will fit) and dash back to Target to see what's the next best thing. And it's probably not going to be something creative and unique. But oh, well.

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Melanie said...

I'm sure you'll find something good! I get email from CPSC about recalls and I got that one yesterday afternoon too. That way if I miss the news (I usually do) I still get word about the recall from a reliable source.