Thursday, September 13

Who Is This Woman ?!!?

....and what is she doing in my kitchen?

Hey, ya'll! I've apparently undergone a cooking personality change. Now I am one that cooks for my family every night. Pretty much. And I don't like it one bit. I am not one who easily plans meals, gets then ready and serves them to my family in my apron with Betty Crocker's flair. No--I am one who pours over the Kraft magazine each and every time it comes, painstakingly makes out meal plans and grocery lists, and religiously adheres to each and every recipe I've selected. Believe me. It's necessary.

So when my pastor called to verify that someone was assigned to bring snack for tonight's Leadership Team meeting, panic set in. Not only did I not remember who was assigned for tonight, they certainly didn't get the reminder I was to send. Because I didn't send one. This is not typically me. But then, I haven't been typically me the last few weeks what with the special projects and all.

So never to be one to fail, I of course made plans to pick up a quick snack at the ol' Price Chopper on the way to church tonight. And then I did it. I looked in my cabinets. And what do you know?! Ingredients for a dump cake (which doesn't taste nearly as 'dumpy' as it sounds, incidentally). It's kind of like a cobbler. Blueberry no less. And no, I didn't make the recipe up myself. That would be way beyond my capabilities. Now this is amazing in itself--that I had all the ingredients to make an actual dish that wasn't planned. Equally amazing is that I realized I had the ingredients and the corresponding recipe.

And then I did something I never do. I whipped! I actually whipped something up on the spot. Something edible. Well, truthfully the verdict is a bit early because it is still baking, but this is not my first experience with this particular recipe, so I am anticipating success. But does it count as "whipping something up" if there is a recipe to be whipped? Or does whipping only apply if you randomly do the whipping of ingredients. Perhaps you could give me the credit since it was impromptu?

The real kicker is that my kids are not going without dinner because the oven is busy "whipping" my food. No...I really outdid myself today. I've had dinner in the crockpot since 7am this morning. Just call me Wonder Woman.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Jennifer... Quite frankly, you are something else! You've got me laughing and carrying on like crazy! You're Amazing and I just saw Dear Miss Betty Crocker put several feathers in your cap!

Truckin Teeds said...

Woo hoo...score one for the home team! :o)

Melanie said...

Ok Wonder Woman, I think you can have credit for whipping something up. Did it turn out as delicious as your were anticipating?