Thursday, September 27

Sweet as Vinegar

DogSpot has completely an utterly gone back to her normal lifestyle, apparently not needing any recovery time from her ordeal on Tuesday. I could use the rest myself as I've vigilantly "watched and observed" as instructed by the vet and my eyes are tired. The only hint of limiting her activity is that I have not taken her on our daily 4 mile walk and I've kept her from jumping into the back of our Explorer for rides. That's about it.

Also against orders, she has taken to licking and chewing at the stitches on her phantom back toes. I decided to put some vinegar on the stitches so that she wouldn't pull them out...kind of like when your mom put pepper polish on your nails to keep you from biting them. It didn't work. Apparently vinegar is like Hershey's syrup to dogs because she furiously licked it all off my hands before she started back in on her feet. That's just great--I've made the wound taste like food. She'll probably have her foot chewed off by morning. It's gonna be hard for her to carry that Doggie Pack with only nubbins for feet.

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Melanie said...

Dottie did the same thing with her stitches after her surgery (on her tummy though, since she didn't have extra toes). She licked hers so much she made it bleed and ended up having to wear one of those lamp shade looking things on her head. What a sad sight that was.