Monday, September 24

One Happy Cat

Poor DogSpot went in for her surgery and the house is now empty of her furriness and devoid of her activity. MonsterPaw would be in her glory if she would but come out from under my king-sized bed. It seems that all the activity of getting DogSpot's blankie and toys together made kittycat think that something was up. It was. But she hasn't yet realized that the activity was to her benefit.

Generally when we take DogSpot out for the day, MonsterPaw prowls around the house sticking her feline tongue out at everything that DogSpot owns. Then when DogSpot comes back, MonsterPaw returns upstairs to the territory that she has claimed as her own. But today, it must be the eerie quiet that is freaking her out. Probably like two kids who fight constantly but then cry their eyes out when one of them goes on a sleepover. I wish. For four months I've had high hopes that MonsterPaw would eventually realize what a sweet one our DogSpot is. It seems not to be.

I'm sure by the time DogSpot gets home on Wednesday afternoon, MonsterPaw will have temporarily reclaimed the entire house and be justifiably indignant to have it invaded once again.

We did try out the new Doggie Pack on our walk this morning--just to try it out since DogSpot will be laid up for about 10 days after her surgery. It was a success, and I would have posted pictures but there was a fair amount of tail tuckage and coaxing going on, so I was a bit preoccupied. We'll snap & post a few once DogSpot is back to her old self and up for hauling her own poop-bags.

2 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

TOO ~ too funny! Hopefully Little MonsterPaw's heart grows fonder in DogSpot's absence.

Melanie said...

You are too funny!