Thursday, September 6

No Rest for the Weary

The best laid plans go awry, as they say. I intended to spend the day eating bon-bons since the kids headed to 5th and 6th grade yesterday. At least a pedicure seemed in order. But alas, I made do with our annual moms back to school celebration consolation breakfast, skipped the pedicure and continued the Labor Day tasks that Muh Main Man went to France to escape. It's sad that one's beloved would be so determined to get out of a little sprucing the home front, but that's my lot in life, I suppose.

I would stop eliciting sympathy long enough to post some first day of school pictures, but it seems Muh Main Man must have packed my camera USB cord in his bag and taken it to France with him. That's a better story than saying it's buried somewhere under laundry that did not get done while I am tending to the outside. So I'm sticking to the world-traveling camera accessory story.

Not only did I maintain enough motivation to accomplish a respectable amount yesterday, I continued today as well. I'm killing myself so I can surprise Muh Main Man and perhaps cash in on a chiminea or some other such trinket once he gets home. But mainly to surprise Muh Main Man. Not to attach strings to all the good deeds or anything. Nothing like that.

So all that accounts for the lack of posting and the fact that I am yet again digging green paint out from under my fingernails.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

What a wonderful surprise you are planning for your Main Man. I know he's going to love it!

nutmeg said...

I didn't take first day pictures either and I'm kicking myself!

Alexandria said...

Great job on continueing the work!! Im envious. I can do a lot of work the one day and just not be motivated enough to do it the second day lol. Hope you can suprise your Main Man.