Wednesday, September 26

Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

DogSpot is back home where she belongs. It's clear that she is a different species from the human variety. One would never know that she had her female parts removed just 24 hours ago. She completely blew off the low activity advisory and began jumping and running around the minute I saw her. How nice it would be if human females bounced back this quickly.

Another big difference between dog and man was the cost of the surgery(thankfully). Brainy Boy's recent double foot surgery cost over $20,000 when all was said & done and he didn't even have any extra toes removed! DogSpot cost me a mere $200 in comparison and that included the toes.

MonsterPaw is back to her miffed self and has retreated once again to the comforts and safety of her loft apartment. She hasn't so much as poked her twisted whiskers over the balcony to check on the wicked step-sister. Fortunately for DogSpot the Short People were overjoyed to have her back, so she didn't even notice the cat snub. Frankly, I think she has temporarily forgotten that a cat lives here too.

So we are back under one roof and happy for it. We - are - fam-uh-lee....

2 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

We had to keep Dottie in her crate after her surgery because she didn't want to follow the low activity advisory either. I was so after she would tear her stitches open- so she spent lots of time caged.

Debbie said...

So I started laughing right out loud when I got to the part "She completely blew off the low activity advisory". I believe it was particularly due to her being so homesick and missing you. Glad she's home and I wish her a speedy recovery.