Saturday, September 22


I am so irked right now. My dad just had his birthday. And as you probably know, dads are hard to buy gifts for. Especially once you hit the 50 or 60 year old age. I mean, hey, they've had an eternity to basically buy whatever they want for themselves.

So I was feeling smug when I realized that A Prairie Home Companion was going to be broadcasting live from Charlotte, NC in October. That's just a hop, skip & a jump away from Dad-e-o. He listens to the show faithfully on NPR but has never been to a live show. Perfect gift. Hero daughter. Cause for smugness. The tickets didn't go on until sale today. I had my laptop at the ready and logged on to buy two tickets this morning. And they've sold out. Of everything. How is that possible?! There are no tickets available in any seat? What is wrong with all these people who are prepared to buy the tickets out from under me. Don't they know that Saturdays are for sleeping in?!

My next stop was the local NPR station. They have a nice consolation announcement encouraging us to listen to the broadcast on the radio even though we wanted to be there in person. Uh, no. I want him to attend. Then I got the bright idea that scalpers probably bought them all and have them listed on Ebay already. I was sure I could scarf up two tickets that way. Exactly zero were listed for sale. You gotta be kidding me! Now is when I could really use a connection. Oh, how I want to be a hotel concierge at this moment.

So, can anybody help me?! Got any leads or other ideas about how to score these? I'm desperate and determined...a deadly combination.

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Debbie said...

I sure hope you can find those tickets!

I'm the same way too, if there's a will there's a way!