Saturday, September 15


Today was a day that Little Chic has been living for. We registered her to participate at a local clothing store in their annual fashion show. The deal was that she could choose any two outfits she wanted to model. As compensation, whatever we bought for the day was 40% off. When we arrived, we were just as excited as we were when we showed up last Saturday. We didn't get the date of the show wrong or anything like that. It's just we wanted a dry run.

Little Chic stood in the massive line of excited people and waited her turn to get her show clothes on. When she was done we realized that shoes and accessories were included in the show so I convinced her to find some shoes to go along with her outfit. I had seen some cute ballet flats over on the racks. She was reluctant until she saw another girl teetering around on a pair of 3-inch heel boots. When she discovered they had that kind of shoe, she made a beeline and found a pair that were only 2 sizes too big. They really completed the outfit, let me tell ya. I'd have pictures to prove it, but Muh Main Man had smuggled my camera to the training session for his SWAT team. But that's another story.

Anyhoo, she did the show, complete with an interview by the emcee and Muh Main Man surprised us and showed up at the tail end of the festivities. She still had her "casual look" on but she was a little insulted that he'd missed her "dressy look." She was thrilled that he got to meet her new favorite monkey, Bobby Jack. Apparently his brand is all the rage among the Tween crowd these days.

We came home with more loot than we'd planned but hey, it was 40% off!

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

She is just too cute!

Hey, with deals 40% off, I'd have a hay day too!

Rochelle said...

Sounds like Little Chic is living up to her nickname here! :)

Alexandria said...

That's awesome! I remember doing a fashion show once. It was a blast. I'm glad Little Chic had a good time. That was awesome for the show to offer 40% off your purchases!