Saturday, September 29

7 Random Things

I got tagged by Mary to post 7 random things about myself, so here goes...

1) I was hit by a car while doing a bike-a-thon in high school. I was standing in the median waiting for traffic and an old lady pulled into the median behind me and knocked me off my bike. Her eyes got wide, she put her hand over her mouth and....peeled out into the road and took off! I was sore for weeks.

2) I often get in an eating rut and will eat the exact same thing for breakfast or lunch over and over again. Currently, I've been eating a brown sugar & cinnnamon Quaker Oatmeal-To-Go bar for breakfast for the last three months. Well, unless I go out to breakfast.

3) I read something in bed before I go to sleep ever single night, no matter how late it is. If I don't have a book, I'll read a magazine or newspaper. I much prefer fact to fiction and in desperate times, I've resorted to hunting magazines (belonging to guess who). In hotels, I've been known to read the little menu and amenities booklet they give you. The bad part of this is that my side of floor sometimes looks like a library puked.

4) I like to be organized, but I hate routines. I get way too bored doing the same thing over and over. The exception to this rule is that I HAVE to get groceries every Friday morning. It drives me nuts if I don't.

5) I uh-dore talk radio. I'll listen to anything from Car Talk to A Prarie Home Companion to the annoying talk radio guy on my local AM station. I rarely have music on in the car and I never listen to a whole CD of the same artist. At home, I leave the station on my Christian radio station and listen to whatever is on.

6) I have lots of phobias. I'm afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of heights. I always think that somebody is going to mug me. But I hate being afraid of stuff so I always face what I don't like. I sleep with no nightlights. I routinely climb up on high places and I'm always ready to jump somebody before they jump me first ;)

7) I love books & movies but I never read or watch them more than once. However I will watch a movie I've seen as long as I'm with somebody else who hasn't seen it yet. And I will watch the last 15 minutes of my favorite movies over and over when they are on TV.

I'm weird, I know.

6 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

That's great stuff, way to go dealing with your phobias too!

Just Me said...

HeyGirl...I don't always leave comments, but I have been popping in to see you every week! I'm on the Pastor's Wives blogroll too! Listen, if you get a chance, could you pop over to my blog..and read today's post. If you feel stirred to comment or email, it would be greatly appreciated.

jenny said...

Totally relate to the reading in bed thing...except I've never resorted to hunting magazines (Lord knows we've had enough of them around but that's where I draw the line and roll over and go to sleep)!

Alexandria said...

1) OMG! Did they ever catch the woman? That's horrible!

2) lol at least you eat breakfast! I tend not to eat until Lunch or Dinner. I hate eating it's a chore for me.

3) That's kind of neat lol. I read every night as well, but in a hot tub.

4) Dito. I'm fairly organized though I tend to forget about that most times lol. It's silly. I like everything in it's place ... it's just getting it there that's the problem.

5) Oh god I hate Talk Radio. I want music when I turn the radio on.

6) Dito. I'm terrfied of the dark, spiders, ghosts, tornados, thunder & lightning.

7) Oh I love rereading books and rewatching movies lol.

And you're not weird!!

Melanie said...

Some interesting tidbits!

Anonymous said...
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