Saturday, September 29

7 Random Things

I got tagged by Mary to post 7 random things about myself, so here goes...

1) I was hit by a car while doing a bike-a-thon in high school. I was standing in the median waiting for traffic and an old lady pulled into the median behind me and knocked me off my bike. Her eyes got wide, she put her hand over her mouth and....peeled out into the road and took off! I was sore for weeks.

2) I often get in an eating rut and will eat the exact same thing for breakfast or lunch over and over again. Currently, I've been eating a brown sugar & cinnnamon Quaker Oatmeal-To-Go bar for breakfast for the last three months. Well, unless I go out to breakfast.

3) I read something in bed before I go to sleep ever single night, no matter how late it is. If I don't have a book, I'll read a magazine or newspaper. I much prefer fact to fiction and in desperate times, I've resorted to hunting magazines (belonging to guess who). In hotels, I've been known to read the little menu and amenities booklet they give you. The bad part of this is that my side of floor sometimes looks like a library puked.

4) I like to be organized, but I hate routines. I get way too bored doing the same thing over and over. The exception to this rule is that I HAVE to get groceries every Friday morning. It drives me nuts if I don't.

5) I uh-dore talk radio. I'll listen to anything from Car Talk to A Prarie Home Companion to the annoying talk radio guy on my local AM station. I rarely have music on in the car and I never listen to a whole CD of the same artist. At home, I leave the station on my Christian radio station and listen to whatever is on.

6) I have lots of phobias. I'm afraid of the dark. I'm afraid of heights. I always think that somebody is going to mug me. But I hate being afraid of stuff so I always face what I don't like. I sleep with no nightlights. I routinely climb up on high places and I'm always ready to jump somebody before they jump me first ;)

7) I love books & movies but I never read or watch them more than once. However I will watch a movie I've seen as long as I'm with somebody else who hasn't seen it yet. And I will watch the last 15 minutes of my favorite movies over and over when they are on TV.

I'm weird, I know.

Friday, September 28

Do You Think Anyone Will Notice?!

YEAH, I'm pretty sure they'll notice...

Thursday, September 27

Sweet as Vinegar

DogSpot has completely an utterly gone back to her normal lifestyle, apparently not needing any recovery time from her ordeal on Tuesday. I could use the rest myself as I've vigilantly "watched and observed" as instructed by the vet and my eyes are tired. The only hint of limiting her activity is that I have not taken her on our daily 4 mile walk and I've kept her from jumping into the back of our Explorer for rides. That's about it.

Also against orders, she has taken to licking and chewing at the stitches on her phantom back toes. I decided to put some vinegar on the stitches so that she wouldn't pull them out...kind of like when your mom put pepper polish on your nails to keep you from biting them. It didn't work. Apparently vinegar is like Hershey's syrup to dogs because she furiously licked it all off my hands before she started back in on her feet. That's just great--I've made the wound taste like food. She'll probably have her foot chewed off by morning. It's gonna be hard for her to carry that Doggie Pack with only nubbins for feet.

Wednesday, September 26

Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

DogSpot is back home where she belongs. It's clear that she is a different species from the human variety. One would never know that she had her female parts removed just 24 hours ago. She completely blew off the low activity advisory and began jumping and running around the minute I saw her. How nice it would be if human females bounced back this quickly.

Another big difference between dog and man was the cost of the surgery(thankfully). Brainy Boy's recent double foot surgery cost over $20,000 when all was said & done and he didn't even have any extra toes removed! DogSpot cost me a mere $200 in comparison and that included the toes.

MonsterPaw is back to her miffed self and has retreated once again to the comforts and safety of her loft apartment. She hasn't so much as poked her twisted whiskers over the balcony to check on the wicked step-sister. Fortunately for DogSpot the Short People were overjoyed to have her back, so she didn't even notice the cat snub. Frankly, I think she has temporarily forgotten that a cat lives here too.

So we are back under one roof and happy for it. We - are - fam-uh-lee....

Monday, September 24

One Happy Cat

Poor DogSpot went in for her surgery and the house is now empty of her furriness and devoid of her activity. MonsterPaw would be in her glory if she would but come out from under my king-sized bed. It seems that all the activity of getting DogSpot's blankie and toys together made kittycat think that something was up. It was. But she hasn't yet realized that the activity was to her benefit.

Generally when we take DogSpot out for the day, MonsterPaw prowls around the house sticking her feline tongue out at everything that DogSpot owns. Then when DogSpot comes back, MonsterPaw returns upstairs to the territory that she has claimed as her own. But today, it must be the eerie quiet that is freaking her out. Probably like two kids who fight constantly but then cry their eyes out when one of them goes on a sleepover. I wish. For four months I've had high hopes that MonsterPaw would eventually realize what a sweet one our DogSpot is. It seems not to be.

I'm sure by the time DogSpot gets home on Wednesday afternoon, MonsterPaw will have temporarily reclaimed the entire house and be justifiably indignant to have it invaded once again.

We did try out the new Doggie Pack on our walk this morning--just to try it out since DogSpot will be laid up for about 10 days after her surgery. It was a success, and I would have posted pictures but there was a fair amount of tail tuckage and coaxing going on, so I was a bit preoccupied. We'll snap & post a few once DogSpot is back to her old self and up for hauling her own poop-bags.

Sunday, September 23

There's a New Hero In Town

If you read Saturday's post, you know I was in the depths of despair...figuratively speaking, anyway. Hopefully I garnered a little sympathy from ya'll. After I realized that my dad was not going to see Garrison Keillor as I had promised, I decided that I had to have those tickets. I was prepared to beg, borrow or steal for them. Almost. That is until I realized that there were many tickets to be had by scalpers from all over town. I could easily get a $30 ticket for $150 or more. Then I got a little irked. Only a little. But mostly I got stubborn.

I began to stew & fret, fuss & fume. It was a day of distraction. I did not get a lot done--in the productive sense anyway. I did get a lot done in the realm of surfing the web trying to get those tickets. I was on a mission. And I was not finding success.

About 10pm I got the bright idea of checking Craig's List. I put down my magazine, crawled out of bed and booted up the computer. And there he was. Mr. D--the guy who saved the day. He's the one who preserved my spot as the "girl who can come up with a clever gift for the dad who has everything" daughter. Just happens that he has two tickets, good seats at that, and he's not using them! The competition was fierce for those two lone seats, but apparently there were no others groveling and whining on their blogs about how they really, really, really wanted 2 tickets for their dad's birthday. So he took pity on me. He's selling them to me. And so he's my favorite person for today.

Saturday, September 22


I am so irked right now. My dad just had his birthday. And as you probably know, dads are hard to buy gifts for. Especially once you hit the 50 or 60 year old age. I mean, hey, they've had an eternity to basically buy whatever they want for themselves.

So I was feeling smug when I realized that A Prairie Home Companion was going to be broadcasting live from Charlotte, NC in October. That's just a hop, skip & a jump away from Dad-e-o. He listens to the show faithfully on NPR but has never been to a live show. Perfect gift. Hero daughter. Cause for smugness. The tickets didn't go on until sale today. I had my laptop at the ready and logged on to buy two tickets this morning. And they've sold out. Of everything. How is that possible?! There are no tickets available in any seat? What is wrong with all these people who are prepared to buy the tickets out from under me. Don't they know that Saturdays are for sleeping in?!

My next stop was the local NPR station. They have a nice consolation announcement encouraging us to listen to the broadcast on the radio even though we wanted to be there in person. Uh, no. I want him to attend. Then I got the bright idea that scalpers probably bought them all and have them listed on Ebay already. I was sure I could scarf up two tickets that way. Exactly zero were listed for sale. You gotta be kidding me! Now is when I could really use a connection. Oh, how I want to be a hotel concierge at this moment.

So, can anybody help me?! Got any leads or other ideas about how to score these? I'm desperate and determined...a deadly combination.

Thursday, September 20

New Levels of Pathetic

In my OCD style, I've been watching the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic TV like a maniac. I don't know why I do this to myself, as if I don't have enough psychoanalyzing to do on the Short People in my life. Now DogSpot is subjected to my regular experimentation in the practices of studying dog behavior.

Since watching this new favorite show of mine, I've convinced myself that I need to take my proper place as the leader of my pack. DogSpot was vying for this position by jumping on the furniture, chewing on the kids and basically calling the shots around the homestead. In the last couple of weeks, I've been assertively claiming my territory. So far I have resisted peeing on the carpet but I am making her follow me in to and out of the house (rather than bolting in front to knock us all down) as well as taking her on walks with her heeling. Of course, she doesn't take to this at all since we have 2 acres where she to roams free.

After the most recent episode of my new fav show, I decided that DogSpot is not burning off enough energy during our walks and that is why she is not able to control her impulses at home. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that she's a dog, she's just a bit ADD. The solution that I decided to try suggested that she needs a doggie backpack to give her a sense of purpose, or a job to do to earn her food. I went over to the local pet Stuffmart and came home with a little saddlebag looking contraption. I'm guessing she won't mind this much, since I often walk her with a harness when we're out and she's used to that. I'm gonna shed my own fanny pack (although truth be told, I could use a little extra fanny-burning power) and instead, let DogSpot carry her own poop bags. I might throw in a couple of water bottles and treats for good measure.

I fully anticipate that this approach will be successful, because I know my man, Cesar wouldn't let me down and it always works on his 60-minute shows. It's going to be a bit before I get to try it out though. Turns out the backpack needs to be a size smaller and I will exchange it tomorrow after our walk. Saturdays and Sundays don't usually bring dog walks, and on Monday she's going into the vet to have her reproductive organs unwired. We may be able to get one test drive in before her surgery. I am considering taking her into the pet store for the exchange-- when I was in there today, I had this urge to fit in like the other dog moms who tote their pooches into the store to show them off. But don't worry. I will not succumb to the peer pressure to adopt one of those kangaroo-style pouches or a canine stroller. Cesear just wouldn't approve. And I'm a pack leader now. And pack leaders don't carry their pack mates in pouches. Or push them in strollers. They just don't.

Tuesday, September 18

The Big Double-Digit

Mom calls her "Sweet Pea", Dad calls her "Chickadee", you know her as Little Chic. She turned the big 1-0 today! She's kind of past the toy stage and she didn't really have any big wishes for her birthday. But I remembered that the last few times we've been in Lowe's, she has drooled over a cute little chandelier for her bedroom. "Sensible Mom" has always told her that chandeliers are for entryways and great rooms. "Desperate-for-a-'WOW' gift-Mom" thought this would be just the ticket to mark the entry to the tween years.

Muh Main Man came to the handyman rescue and installed it at lunch time while the Short People were still at school.
Little Chic was duly impressed when she finally figured out what looked different in her bedroom!
Excuse me now...I'm gonna go cry into my latte'. Actually, that won't be necessary. Friendly's serves a killer Jim Dandy Ice Cream Sundae. That's where the birthday girl wanted to go for dinner. So I'll get me some of them there endorphins you get when emotional eating while mourning the passing of my 'baby'!

Monday, September 17

And The Good News Is.....

....I'm not pregnant!

Nah, I didn't really think I was -- but that was the official verdict at my appointment for the Flu Vaccine research study that I'm doing again this year. The other good news is I got $100 for participating! I suppose the only bad news is that I don't know whether I got the flu shot or a placebo, but since I don't usually get a flu shot anyway, it's not a big deal to me.

The rest of the day was spent running around preparing for Little Chic to turn the big 1-0 tomorrow. She hasn't let us forget for a minute that her big day is coming up. Seriously, is it even possible that I'm old enough for my youngest to be ten?

Sunday, September 16

Logged On and Tuned Out

As a mom of two, I travel the road of parenting pretty much like any other parent--kind of "winging" it as I go. Of course I hope that I've gained some wisdom and insight from my own life experience and from watching others who have done a successful job of parenting. But times are a-changin' and there's a lot out there that my mom didn't have to deal with when I was a kid. Enter the book Logged On and Tuned Out to offer some 21st century practical advice to parents of kids growing up in this technologically booming society.

When I received the book, I recognized the author as one I've read before. Vicki Courtney has authored several books on parenting and is the founder of Virtuous Reality, an organization that encourages girls to develop a heart and character that reflects moral excellence, worth, purity and strength. Vickie has also been featured on CNN and Fox News discussing child safety on the internet.

Now, although I don't consider myself to be a real "techie" as far as computers and the internet go, I can make my way around the Net, blogs, instant messaging and such. But truth be told, surfing the web as an adult is a whole different ball game from allowing your kids to venture into those waters. And for a parent who isn't as attached to their email or blog as I am, the outlook can be bleak in the realm of guarding your kids from the unique dangers of these advances.

Logged On and Tuned Out is a "keep-your-kids-safe-for-dummies" kind of a book related to all things high-tech (the logged on part). It addresses everything from the internet in general to other communication devices including cell phones and instant messaging . It is specifically geared toward parents who aren't technically inclined (the tuned out part). It provides a myriad of suggestions and techniques for knowing what your kids are exposed to as well as what your kids are exposing of themselves.

I liked two things in particular about this book. First, the author makes the point that my kids absolutely are going to enter the virtual world. I may not know when they begin setting up their own web pages and text messaging their friends, but it is an inevitable feature of our environment today. If I don't teach my kids to safely and appropriately interact with others electronically, I will be inviting them to take lessons from their friends. And I might not like what they learn. If you think that you've got years before your kids will want to use the computer interactively, think again. My daughter was in fourth grade the first time she asked me if she could get on Club Penguin. She had learned about this interactive web site targeted to elementary age kids from her friends at school. I was stunned at the time, but it was a wake up call.

Second, the author debunks the argument against "invading" my children's privacy. She makes the point that whatever is posted on the internet, sent as a text or instant message or done electronically in any way, becomes a permanent and public part of my kids' histories. All these things can be saved and redistributed by other people and it can and will end up in the hands of people that we'll never know to pop up again at any time. Because of this, I'm simply looking at information that anyone can access and I have a responsibility to ensure that they are behaving safely and appropriately.

Probably the best feature of the book is that it is written with the assumption that the parent doesn't know much about technology. For this reason, it's easy to read and specific in details. The book includes a handy appendix that outlines a list of safety rules for each mode of communication. As well, you can download a copy of her suggested safety contracts at

I highly recommend that you pick up this book even if you are online all the time. It is an easy, practical read and will provide some thought-provoking dialogue between you and your kids. You can pick it up for a bargain price of $12.99 from B&H Publishing Group. You'll learn things that you hadn't thought of before. The first thing I did upon finishing the book was to set up a Google alert for each of my kids names, as well as their pseudonyms that I use on my blog. I'd never thought of doing that before. Thanks to this book, now I have.

Saturday, September 15


Today was a day that Little Chic has been living for. We registered her to participate at a local clothing store in their annual fashion show. The deal was that she could choose any two outfits she wanted to model. As compensation, whatever we bought for the day was 40% off. When we arrived, we were just as excited as we were when we showed up last Saturday. We didn't get the date of the show wrong or anything like that. It's just we wanted a dry run.

Little Chic stood in the massive line of excited people and waited her turn to get her show clothes on. When she was done we realized that shoes and accessories were included in the show so I convinced her to find some shoes to go along with her outfit. I had seen some cute ballet flats over on the racks. She was reluctant until she saw another girl teetering around on a pair of 3-inch heel boots. When she discovered they had that kind of shoe, she made a beeline and found a pair that were only 2 sizes too big. They really completed the outfit, let me tell ya. I'd have pictures to prove it, but Muh Main Man had smuggled my camera to the training session for his SWAT team. But that's another story.

Anyhoo, she did the show, complete with an interview by the emcee and Muh Main Man surprised us and showed up at the tail end of the festivities. She still had her "casual look" on but she was a little insulted that he'd missed her "dressy look." She was thrilled that he got to meet her new favorite monkey, Bobby Jack. Apparently his brand is all the rage among the Tween crowd these days.

We came home with more loot than we'd planned but hey, it was 40% off!

Thursday, September 13

Who Is This Woman ?!!?

....and what is she doing in my kitchen?

Hey, ya'll! I've apparently undergone a cooking personality change. Now I am one that cooks for my family every night. Pretty much. And I don't like it one bit. I am not one who easily plans meals, gets then ready and serves them to my family in my apron with Betty Crocker's flair. No--I am one who pours over the Kraft magazine each and every time it comes, painstakingly makes out meal plans and grocery lists, and religiously adheres to each and every recipe I've selected. Believe me. It's necessary.

So when my pastor called to verify that someone was assigned to bring snack for tonight's Leadership Team meeting, panic set in. Not only did I not remember who was assigned for tonight, they certainly didn't get the reminder I was to send. Because I didn't send one. This is not typically me. But then, I haven't been typically me the last few weeks what with the special projects and all.

So never to be one to fail, I of course made plans to pick up a quick snack at the ol' Price Chopper on the way to church tonight. And then I did it. I looked in my cabinets. And what do you know?! Ingredients for a dump cake (which doesn't taste nearly as 'dumpy' as it sounds, incidentally). It's kind of like a cobbler. Blueberry no less. And no, I didn't make the recipe up myself. That would be way beyond my capabilities. Now this is amazing in itself--that I had all the ingredients to make an actual dish that wasn't planned. Equally amazing is that I realized I had the ingredients and the corresponding recipe.

And then I did something I never do. I whipped! I actually whipped something up on the spot. Something edible. Well, truthfully the verdict is a bit early because it is still baking, but this is not my first experience with this particular recipe, so I am anticipating success. But does it count as "whipping something up" if there is a recipe to be whipped? Or does whipping only apply if you randomly do the whipping of ingredients. Perhaps you could give me the credit since it was impromptu?

The real kicker is that my kids are not going without dinner because the oven is busy "whipping" my food. No...I really outdid myself today. I've had dinner in the crockpot since 7am this morning. Just call me Wonder Woman.

Wednesday, September 12

Dashing To & Fro

Whoa, stop the merry-go-round! In the last 2 days, I've crammed in about as much as humanly possible to the waking hours of the day. I started yesterday morning by taking a walk with poor DogSpot in the torrential rain. I would have persevered, but the poor dog couldn't figure out why she was being punished. She was dashing under every tree she could find so I took pity on her and we stopped after a block. I came home to find I was called to fill in as a substitute receptionist for the district office of my children's school. I've always thought I was cut out to thrive under pressure. Apparently my humdrum mom-life of the last few years has ill-equipped me to answer switchboards and transfer calls to people for whom there is no telephone listing. And it was a bit heavy a responsibility to decide who looked suspicious and whether or not they deserved getting "buzzed" into the building. That done, I dashed home to fix a less than stellar dinner for my children and hustle us all off to the first PTA meeting of the year. Always a fun time.

This morning, I skipped kickboxing in favor of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte with my friend, Debbie. We followed that with a bout of house hunting, pottery seeking and lots of chatting. We refueled with lunch after which I dashed home and sanded down the newly painted door that DogSpot scratched up last night. Anybody looking for a furry family member or else a husband who lets the dog in and out the freshly painted door? Since it got into the 40s here in the Nether regions last night, I have to wait to repaint the again-ugly entrance to my abode. I did promise Little Chic that she could help me paint those last few spindles for the upper deck and I'm wondering what possessed me in that moment of weakness. I meant "sometime". She interpreted that as "today".

We're off to Club 6-7-8 at church for Brainy Boy tonight and I may have to take another shot in the form of caffeine if I'm to get us back home without succumbing to a bout of narcolepsy. I'm sure I have lots more great things to tell you, but frankly, I have not the energy to adequately describe the thrills of life at this point. So, see ya later!

Monday, September 10

Are You a Grammar Genius?

Here lies evidence to the only talent I have. My only claim to fame. And I only took the test once.

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.
If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.
As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.
And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.

Saturday, September 8

Love Books...Netflix Style

Now isn't this just the most ingenious idea? Bookswim is like Netflix, but for books. For those of you who do not have a Barnes & Noble obsession, maybe this will seem like fodder to you. The library would seem easier. But for those of you who, like me, work largely to fulfill your bookstore cravings, then this may be something to check out.

By the way, the word "Bookswim" is a link, but must be my background color doesn't highlight the word until you mouse over it.

Friday, September 7

Black Belt times Half

Believe me, Bloggies (like a Groupie, only for blogs--don't you feel special?!), when I tell you that I have done more up and down painting fence action than Mr. Miyagi ever required of Daniel in the Karate Kid. I totally deserve a black belt from him. Or at least one of those cool headbands with the sunrise painted on it. My OCD keeps kicking in and I run back down to the cleaned paint bucket and brushes to touch up spots and put more coats over layers of paint that are already adequate. I'm driving myself nuts and proving to myself why I do not undertake such tasks more often. I'm enough to drive Monk crazy. But I have gotten a lot done and that's a good thing.

It's also a good thing that the kickboxing posse is meeting for dinner tonight. That'll be just in time for our classes to resume on Monday so I can kick some of that butt I've accumulated over the summer. Other than that, I the Short People will be enjoying a late morning tomorrow. That alarm has been killing me this week. We'll be picking up Muh Main Man from France tomorrow night (ok, not actually from France) and then I'm sure we'll all be back to our normal and scheduled sane selves. Ummm hmmm.

Thursday, September 6

No Rest for the Weary

The best laid plans go awry, as they say. I intended to spend the day eating bon-bons since the kids headed to 5th and 6th grade yesterday. At least a pedicure seemed in order. But alas, I made do with our annual moms back to school celebration consolation breakfast, skipped the pedicure and continued the Labor Day tasks that Muh Main Man went to France to escape. It's sad that one's beloved would be so determined to get out of a little sprucing the home front, but that's my lot in life, I suppose.

I would stop eliciting sympathy long enough to post some first day of school pictures, but it seems Muh Main Man must have packed my camera USB cord in his bag and taken it to France with him. That's a better story than saying it's buried somewhere under laundry that did not get done while I am tending to the outside. So I'm sticking to the world-traveling camera accessory story.

Not only did I maintain enough motivation to accomplish a respectable amount yesterday, I continued today as well. I'm killing myself so I can surprise Muh Main Man and perhaps cash in on a chiminea or some other such trinket once he gets home. But mainly to surprise Muh Main Man. Not to attach strings to all the good deeds or anything. Nothing like that.

So all that accounts for the lack of posting and the fact that I am yet again digging green paint out from under my fingernails.

Monday, September 3

How About Labor Day(s)

(((sigh))) I'm smiling at the productive weekend, so here's the scoop. Being married to a fellow firstborn person is not always a convenient thing. We both have priorities and a perfectly formed plan on how to accomplish them. Thing is, they don't always mesh. After 18 years, the two of us have managed to come to a truce and have developed a system that generally works for us. In the process, I have identified the primary factor in my procrastination habits. I am what is called a "frustrated perfectionist." In simple terms, I want everything done precisely, exactly right. Perfectly. Flawlessly. Every. Thing. **Newsflash** I'm a regular everyday kinda person with a regular everyday kinda schedule with a regular everyday kinda family. So perfection is impossible. Acceptable is barely doable. Therefore, if I can't get everything perfect, I just won't mess with it. It saves frustration that way. Well, only temporarily.

I did put this little ... ahem... "quirk" aside because I really needed to freshen up some things around the house and there were a few things that were refusing to be ignored any longer. Muh Main Man and I somehow trimmed the list and agreed upon a set of tasks that we thought we could do this weekend. Mind you, these were priorities we set at the end of last summer to be done this summer. This one. The one that ended today. We got the supplies for sealing the deck and painting the porch. In true Muh Main Man style, he spied a cute little fountain that was on sale and decided this was the perfect time to install it as well. I almost came unglued but I held myself fast. I've been wanting a fountain, true...but it was not in the immediate plan. And I'm a stick-to-the-plan kinda girl.

We moved on to the pressure washing and deck sealing, with me crawling behind him to touch up each and every spot that needed that little something "extra" and then I got going on the porch. I am a meticulous painter when we are talking about the painting surface, but it does not include my body nor any clothing upon it. Therefore I have yet another set of "painting clothes" in the closet. Those will come in handy when I .... who are we kidding?! I'm not painting any more this summer. And I probably won't fit in those painting clothes next time I do paint if I don't start back with my kickboxing in a couple of weeks. But I digress. While I did the painting, Muh Main Man decided to put the posts on our upper balcony. These would be the ones we've lived without for 12 years. Apparently this was the time they were necessary. I was not thrilled (nor surprised) when I heard an 'Uh-oh' as he was nearing completion of the job. Apparently we were a few spindles short of a porch railing. This drives me nuts. I would rather not start the job than to leave it almost done. Because my kid will likely be graduating college when we get those last few up.

All in all, a productive weekend it was. I have a few last spindles to buy and prep, a dab of deck sealer to swipe on a spot I noticed tonight and then I'll make do with "almost perfect."

Saturday, September 1

Notes from the Weed Pile

Muh Main Man and I are tackling some long-awaited tasks this weekend in full honor of Labor Day. We pressure washed our front deck and are getting ready to seal it and add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, thus the lack of finger thumping on the computer keyboard (my fingers are otherwise engaged).

I may check in to brag, whine or simply update you this weekend but if not, assume that I am taking advantage of Muh Main Man's present motivation to short the Honey-Do list a bit. After Monday, he'll be occupied by more noble affairs so I gotta go cheerlead....