Wednesday, October 11

Where've You Been?

Oh, it's me that's been gone? Well, I've been here actually, passing longing glances toward my blog as I dash to and 'fro taking care of all sorts of business.

First, the picture is of a VERY BAD HyperDog who got sprayed Sunday night for the second time in as many weeks. I'll just say it is a very good thing that the ingredients to the skunk shampoo are readily on hand, AND that I don't really like the chair she is sulking in (after her bath) all that much--because it has a permanent smell and will probably be going to the curb soon.

Also, I'm patting myself on the back because Hero Guy and I actually spent Columbus Day making home improvements (instead of just talking about it) by giving the garage doors, front door and two side doors a new coat of spiffy forrest green paint.

And last, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I again sat my butt in the wrong van this morning after going to the parking lot, actually hearing the locks pop up as I clicked my clicker, opened the door and stuck my feet on the rubber floor mat that MY VAN DOES NOT HAVE. For a second I thought somebody had driven off with the wrong van and left me theirs. Upon further inspection, I found that I wasn't dreaming the sounds of those doors unlocking...I turned to the left, and my own lovely dark blue twin was on my other side---When will these people learn to lock their cars and save me some panic. I only have so much, you know!

7 of Your THINKS:

Thad said...

Maybe you should paint your car door handles or something. Maybe install a totally wild seat cover or steering wheel cover that no one else would ever think of installing.

Doesn't your van have a dent in the rear bumber? Isn't that enough to set it apart from the others?

The answer may just be more coffee before you leave the house.

Rochelle said...

We missed you on here...glad to hear you're getting some projects accomplished around the house though...that is a great feeling.

Re: your near car-jacking .... my goodness girl, hopefully you won't run into any wacky people that spy you getting into their vehicles & freak out on careful!

Mary Ellen said...

You'd think the dog would learn, maybe his nick name should be Dumb Dog. :-) Doesn't that stuff sting when it sprays his eyes? He must really want to be near those skunks.

Too funny about the van thing, and they say blondes are ditsy!?!?! I always say the more ditsy ones I know are brunettes (wasn't thinking of you before but maybe now I will), thanks for helping my theory - hee hee :-) And thanks for the laugh.

Panda-Mom said...

Tooooooo funny with the van mix up!!! Has this little episode happened BEFORE??? HA! Where we live you don't EVER find a car unlocked! I grew up being able to leave your keys in the unlocked car. Now I have to PRAY protection over our vehicle while we sleep soundly inside the house!

Debbie said...

Poor puppy, we had our windows open the other night enjoying the cool of the evening when all of a sudden we smelled that same horrible smell. All we had to do was shut the windows which was a far easier solution than you.

That cracks me up about the wrong car. I remember doing that too.

We would love to see some pics of that fabulous forrest green, I love that color.

P.S. I'm glad it's letting me post today, I had a little trouble posting the other day.

JenLo said...

For the record, I'm not a COMPLETE ding-dong....but yes, the van incident has happened a time (actually two) before. One does not expect a car that is not theirs, but is EXACTLY like theirs, to be parked next door, unlocked to fake one out when entering butt first.

Anonymous said...

you caused me laughter..
brings to mind to supposed true story of an elderly lady who decided to tote a handgun. she received the proper training and began carrying. one afternoon she left the mall and sure enough two guys were in her car ready to take off.. she leveled the piece at them screaming for them to get out..they did at a run. only then did she realize she had the wrong car..