Saturday, October 21

Tigers VS Golden Bears

My kids happen to go to the school that is the arch rival of the high school Hero Guy attended as a teenager. Little Chic has always taken great pleasure in heckling Hero Guy about "her" school beating "his" school in football. As luck would have it, tonight they were playing against one another and we decided to attend our very first high school football game since our kids have been school-aged. Brainy Boy really cared nothing about going, but he went along with the idea after I bribed him by letting him bring a friend along. Little Chic was totally invested, as she really wanted to see her dad's team beat and besides, she is really into any kind of competition, no matter what the game.

We met a couple of other families and sat in the bleachers until Little Chic realized that it was permissible to stand at the fence surrounding the football field. Once she became aware that she could be within touching distance of not only the life-sized tiger mascot but also the cheerleaders, she and I were permanently parked directly out of view of any and all field action because of the mass of cheerleaders in front of us. We did, however, have a clear shot of the scoreboard, and so we were able to scream and jump at all the appropriate times.

Hero Guy lost interest in the third quarter when it was clear his team was getting stomped, and he offered to take Brainy Boy and buddy home since they were harassing fans for their empty soda cans (all for a good cause - a church fundraiser, Cans for Christ). Little Chic and I toughed it out to the very end when she gleefully called her dad to announce the final score of 21 to 7 in favor of her beloved Tigers. We celebrated with a doughnut and hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts and we even gave a couple dollars to a homeless guy who looked like he was needing something warm to drink on this chilly night.

Unfortunately, just as the weather is getting uncomfortably cold on these northern nights, Little Chic has decided she is a committed, die-hard high school football fan. She already has plans on how to paint her face in the traditional orange and black for next Saturday night's game. I'm planning on fixing a quarter for the toss-up with Hero Guy to see who loses and gets to take her.

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