Tuesday, October 31

Siberian Tigers Look a Lot Like Zebras

The cost of a white sweat suit: $10
The cost of paint supplies $5
Hours it takes to paint a tiger suit: 4

Satisfaction of wearing your very own creation for Halloween: Priceless

Little Chic was determined since summertime to be a snow tiger (she corrects me saying it's a Siberian tiger). I casually looked for a redi-made costume and decided on a white sweat suit instead. I had a bit of a time finding white in the north after Labor Day, but my shopping prowess made it possible. I offered to help paint the stripes but she would have none of it. She did it totally on her own. We found ears, nose and tail and she was thrilled with the outcome.

Hero Guy and Little Chic went on a trick-or-treat bender while Brainy Boy pretended to be too mature for such frivolity and stayed home with me. He did take full advantage of the treats Little Chic brought home for him. One bummer--a few people called her a zebra. How annoying. She just growled at them.

7 of Your THINKS:

Jennifer said...

I love the creativity.

My pictures are up, too.

Mary Ellen said...

She makes a very cool Siberian tiger - and she did a fabulous job on the painting - meow!

Leslie said...

Wow-- cute!!!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Very impressive work on that tiger suit!

Thad said...

It's kind of surprising that brainy boy doesn't enjoy getting "suited up". I mean, hero guy jumps at the chance to put on any costume (hunter, firefighter, high powered exec) he can find!

I don't think James plans to outgrow the festivities for a few years (when his parents tell him that he has outgrown them). He couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating on his own (with friends in tow, of course) this year.

Debbie said...

She is one talented little lady! When I saw the pic, before reading the article, I thought how striking she looked with that fabulous costume. Way to go Little Chic!

Anonymous said...

She is NO way looks like a zebra!!!
She makes a beautiful Siberian Tiger!
Eric let Camron know his feelings on trick or treating and Camron came home asking questions. I told Camron he can trick or treat as long as he would like as long as he dresses up in a costume. If anything he amuses our neighbors, especially the elderly ones! Then there is Damon that gave up after a few houses, but we egged him on! He just doesn't see the sense with all the walking since he doesn't like candy as much as Camron!