Tuesday, October 24

Love, in the "Toothest" Sense of the Word

I just am totally loving my dentist today. I was a bit like a pig going to the...uh...pig heaven when I went to my 9am appointment expecting the worst. He had already warned me that a root canal would be in order. Now this dentist is actually one of the best I've ever been to. In addition to doing good work, he's also the fastest you've ever visited. There is no wait to get in and his procedures are always done before you've even settled into the chair. Even the shivers you get from the squealing drill barely get to your bone before he's ushering you out the door.

Today was no different. I arrived at 8:50. I was in the chair by 8:55. I was out the door at 9:10. In that amount of time, numbed me up, drilled out my filling (which caused me to come only slightly unglued), determined that everything still looked healthy and did a trial run with some sort of desensitizing filling material. I call him on Thursday to let him know if it's working. I have to say that already it is better, maybe 75% or so.

In any case, I just love this guy. At least until Thursday.

5 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

Wow - that is fast, impressively so! Glad it went so well.

Anonymous said...

sounds too good to be tooth

Thad said...

Well, the horrible root canal story would have gotten much better reader response on your blog but it sounds like your trial-based desensitizer might be a better solution.

Debbie said...

Wow, that's remarkable! Wish you the best tomorrow!

Rochelle said...

Seldom do you hear dentists praises sung. Congrats to you & yours!