Thursday, October 26

Busy Buggies

Little Chic is who I want to be when I grow up. She is the craftiest, project-iest, most creative dame to ever hit this part of the family. I'm such a wannabe that I'll choose all these projects and crafts to do, run around and get the supplies, lay them out to get started and promptly lose interest. Not so with my dearest little gal. She is 100% all-American artsy fartsy. She actually wanders around looking for projects to do and this time of the year is perfect for that craving of hers. I have to say that although I can't take credit for passing her the create-a-gene, I do supply lots of opportunities for her to hone her skills in that particular area.

This particular run of creating started with her Cat-O-Lantern a couple of weeks back. I'm sorry to report that that project has now been relegated to the dumpster due to collapsing with rot. Little Chic progressed to her Siberian tiger costume she is making for Halloween (that will be featured when it's completed). I interrupted her work today by spying these adorable "beetle cookies" in the Halloween feature of a magazine at PTA Friend's house. I stopped by the store and had all the supplies layed out for her after school. She got right to work and whipped out three-dozen of those little buggers. The 4th graders will be chowing on them at their Halloween party tomorrow afternoon. After she was done with the cookies she resumed work on that black & white tiger costume that she'll be roaring around in come Trick or Treat night.

Although Brainy Boy, much like myself, doesn't enjoy the creating part, he's quite an accomplished judge, especially in the tasting arena and he approved of the beetles.

4 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

Absolutely adorable!!! What are they made of? They are just too cute and I'm sure will be a huge hit - way to go Miss Caroline.

Thad said...

what a cool, crafty cat! Are you all planning to trick or treat downtown this year? Have you already talked to Crystal re: meeting up?

Mommy Spice said...

I love the buggy treats! I can't wait until my Spicy Girl can do more on her own. She loves to help in the kitchen, but needs lots of assistance.

Debbie said...

I never knew treats could look so jazzed! Those are so neat Miss Caroline!