Tuesday, October 17

Anything for a Buck

I've always liked doing research, finding things out, digging around for information - stuff like that. I remember about 15 years ago while working at a medical insurance company, I was intrigued to learn that the medical director had been part of a medical research study for Johns Hopkins for 10 or 15 years. I didn't know people actually signed up to be experimented on. Fast forward to yesterday when I got an email from PTA mom-friend stating that local doctor's office is doing research on a new supplier for the flu shot and you could actually make money if you volunteered and were selected to participate. I called. I qualified. I get it next week. It involves three office visits with a physical and blood work each time, some temperature logging and side-effect reporting along with a phone call or two. The final appointment will be at the end of flu season. You get paid each time you have an office visit. Cool.

This is actually not the first study I've been in. Brainy Boy and I just finished a six-month study run by the Psychology Department at the local university looking at how a mother's mood affects the mood of the child. That paid too.

For me the money was a perk, not really the incentive--I think it's interesting to participate and I get a shot that I might have gotten anyway. But I wonder if people actually do this for a living? I know I've heard of people selling their blood by the pint, but I've generally heard of that in connection with supporting unscrupulous habits. I'm not supporting any habit (even a shopping habit)--I'm just gonna help pay for that deer mount that will be delivered in the spring.

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Anonymous said...

plasma (for those in Florida; a watery substance found in blood) is another bigee for a quick buck in the world of 'unscrupuli'.
we trust the process goes well and you enjoy a flu free season.

Panda-Mom said...

So you are a human guinea pig for $$$ and you eat your own pet pig. Hmmmm....sounds like maybe the Psyche test wasn't thorough enough! TOTALLY JOKING!!!!!!! I think it is very interesting as well and the money is always a PLUS!!! ; )

Debbie said...

I'm impressed, that's one way to get the flu shot plus have the perks of $ on the side. How sweet of you to help Hero Guy with his deer mount.

Mary Ellen said...

Ugh, anything involving needles, even if I get money back for being stuck, is NOT for me! But hey, you have fun - but you SHOULD be using it on yourself not on a deer mount - double ugh!

Terri Mateer Russell said...

People do. When my x husband and I were at Bob Jones University and as poor as can be, we gave blood and got a $ 15.00 gift certificate from Winn-Dixie. It went a long ways back in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

i am doing the flu study too! though my $ will not be going to mount any animal parts. my proceeds will go directly to adam's new $400 foot inserts!:(

well, maybe not ALL of my proceeds:)

thanks for letting me know about this study!

donna s.