Sunday, March 12

We are just SO proud (sniff*sniff)

The monster on the left (the one with its ladder reaching out to show off) is the newest addition to our extended family. I can't begin to describe the glee that entered the Olsen household on Friday afternoon when this new truck was delivered to the fire house. It brought John out of work several hours early armed with my digital camera to capture the glory. According to "dad" the light wasn't quite right Friday afternoon to show the truck in its best form, so we had to wait until Saturday to get this picture. Investigating all the thrilling features of this new machine took my kids (all 3 of them) from 6pm Friday night until approximately 11pm. There was still more to see, so John left the house at 7am on Saturday morning and returned home about 6:30pm Saturday night. I only got antsy when ye ole ladder truck just about threatened my coffee/dessert date with John. He came home just as the babysitter arrived, but he had a tough time hiding the fact that he was worried about leaving the new baby alone all night at the fire department. He took a swing by the fire department again on Sunday after church under the premise of "dropping off some papers" that he accidentally left in his pick-up truck but I know better ;) My only hope is that they delivered it full-grown, because we can't handle much more in the way of size. You can see that every bay is filled to capacity and our house has already inherited an extra TV and decrepit fooseball table that got kicked out of their home to make room for Truck #301.

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful monster! Did John have any trouble getting to sleep with thoughts of the shiny red fire truck dancing thru his head?

Rochelle said...

That is hilarious! How is he going to make it through the work week? The firetruck stopped by my sister's house not too long ago & my nephew is just besotted with the things too...of course he is 3 yrs old! :)