Thursday, March 2

Snow Day Thrills

It was with fear and trepidation that my morning began--school was cancelled because of an impending ice storm AND I only had enough cream to have one mug of coffee. However, about 10:30 am, we got built-in, delivered-to-our-doorstep entertainment. We had a knock at the door, and a frightened young woman was standing at our doorstep asking to use our phone. She had been heading to work and as she came down our steep hill, her car slid off the road, wiping out our mailbox (which has been replaced over and over because of the same thing) and running into a tree in our front yard. The road is usually well-plowed, but on no-school days the snowplow doesn't make its usual number of runs, thus the road was slick.

As soon as we assessed that the girl was pretty much okay, Eric and Caroline donned their snowgear faster than lightening to go inspect the damage and wait for the emergecy crew to arrive. Max (yeah, the same dog that was limping around just yesterday) accompanied them, somehow ignoring the pain that has gotten her all the extra attention. I'm thinking she is going to be an adrenaline-junkie since it controls her pain, so I'm watching for signs of excitement abuse.

It just so happened that John is on the rescue squad that services our house, so he heard the call from work-- "Emergency at , female injury". The 911 operator didn't mention that it was a car accident, so he flew out of Lockheed toward home, thinking that I'd been hurt somehow. Pretty soon, our driveway had the 6 vehicles shown above, plus my van plus the tow truck. I won't even mention what my kitchen floor looked like after having at least a dozen pairs of snowy shoes coming in and out for an hour! After everybody left, Caroline was thrilled to have an excuse to get the Swiffer Wetjet out and clean up the slush.

So, how do you entertain YOUR kids on unexpected days off school?

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Anonymous said...

WOW JENNIFER, that poor girl, thank GOODNESS everything was okay, could have been much worse!
Well, I know that Marianne and her boys shopped for the testing snacks and then my boys and I met them at AGM to unload her Honda! We then decided to brave the snow and go to lunch at the Chinese buffet YUMMY! SO, now we are home and ready to brave the snow with some sleigh riding!!
Hey, we need to plan on the ear piercing thing!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness Jen! I can't believe the excitement around your place this morning! I'm so happy to hear there were no serious injuries.

Last year when Kristy had no school due to our ice storm, she and a friend went sledding down the hill or shall I say our road in front of our house. The hill we live on is nice and steep and kids and parents alike from the entire neighborhood come over for great sleigh rides.

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

I am sure that John was really worried about you. Does he keep his radio on at work with him? abb