Saturday, March 18

The Seventh Day

Saturdays are weird days. They are different for everyone. For some, it is catch-up day; a day to get the laundry and housecleaning done after a week of working outside the house. For others, it is a day to do nothing; a day to relax and re-energize before the craziness of Sunday with church and family. Still for others, it is a day for projects, errands, appointments and other things we have put off until the weekend.

For our family, Saturday is not the same for any one of us. For John, it is a day of yard work, odd jobs, and usually some type of fire department responsibility, either training or planning. For me, it is a day to chill out after a busy week and before the flurry of activity that Sunday brings. For Eric, nothing suits him better than to stay in his jammies absolutely all day and go nowhere except the back yard to play, when he is good and ready. For Caroline, it's a day she likes to drag all her little projects out to the middle of the floor, to stitch and sew, pretend to knit, create an elaborate picture or some other such art.

Today was no different. I have a friend who spent the day preparing for the Leprechaun to come visit their family complete with a meal of corned beef and cabbage. Another friend took a tour of a fitness center in order to sign up for excercise. My mom spent the day traveling to TX to spend a week with her beau. John headed out at 7am for a day of fire rescue training. Eric spent the day planning attacks and battles with his favorite boardgame, Life, all by himself. And Caroline and I did one of her favorite things--we worked on a project together. She and I prepared goodie bags for the Mother/Son Bowling Extravaganza that Eric and I attended tonight. This school event gives a chance for moms and boys to spend some fun time together and just bond.

Saturdays are good, no matter what you spend them on. That's true even if your schedule makes your Saturday happen on a Monday.

3 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I find great pleasure in a 'slow' Saturday around the house...just catching up on makes me feels more rested & relaxed about starting Monday with plenty of energy!

Anonymous said...

First Things First when it comes to Saturday around the Stewart's. The very first and foremost thing we do is "sleep in" no alarms to wake us and we take our time waking. The very next thing on the agenda for me is my coffee and relaxing with Bobby while we both look at the newspaper, clip coupons, check out the sales... We are not ones to rush about when it comes to the weekend; we like to do whatever strikes our fancy when we are good and ready. One of our weekend rules is to never be in a rush or hurry, just relax and let the day unfold.

- Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks Caroline for taking time to do the goodie bags, what a great job!
Saturdays are relaxing here too. Although, my boys bowl in the mornings but it is a nice relaxing time watching them enjoy themselves with their best buds. I sit with a coffee and relax and have a french fry or two!
Then it's just relaxing in the afternoon doing odd jobs if need be. Soon, it will be spent at the baseball field wathing Damon. Camron isn't playing this year but he will find the shadiest tree and play gameboy!