Monday, March 6

Reverse Psychology.....It's a Beautiful Thing

I'm not sure if it is a male thing or whether it is just an Olsen thing, but reverse psychology is something that the boys in our household regularly fall victim to. Do I really have to call it manipulation? That sounds so much uglier!

The story goes like this. John surprised us by coming home early from work Monday afternoon. He had been bugging me to get the ingredients for a favorite stir-fry he likes to cook, so I suggested that I'd be happy to make dinner but I wouldn't feel bad if he'd rather do it "since he is so much better at it". John needs little encouragement to hop into the limelight so he got right down to business. Upon hearing about the unusual event of Dad cooking, Eric came in to peer about the kitchen. I had decided to play sous chef to get ahead of the mess that always follows John's concoctions, so I laid out the necessary red onion, green and red pepper and pretty much every spice I own since John likes to experiment. As Eric wandered about the kitchen, he wondered aloud if it is really true that onions make you cry. I told him that if he were a little older, I'd let him test the theory. He wanted to know why he couldn't try it today. I told him that since onions require an actual grown-up sharp knife, he was probably a little inexperienced to use it. (I regularly try to entice Eric into the kitchen, but he rarely shows any interest). All he needed to hear was perhaps he wouldn't be allowed to use a real knife to cement his determination to beg for the privilege. He assured me "Really Mom, I can handle it." With a grin of victory on my face, I demonstrated how to slice the onion. I could barely restrain him from grabbing the knife from me with his anticipation at trying it himself. As he hacked away, he said "Mom, could you please step back so I don't gore you?"

As dinner prep progressed, Eric proved the theory that onions make you cry even with glasses on, John got satisfaction at everybody oohing and aaahing at his great meal (Caroline even indulged the green and red peppers) and I once again saw the result of somebody actually begging to do something I wanted them to do in the first place!!

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Mary Ellen said...

Wait, does that work again? I think my husband beat me to it but at the other end as in...if you put the diaper on wrong every time they won't ask you to do it get the picture! He is a great Dad and husband but sometimes I do think he doesn't do some things well on purpose because he knows with my perfectionists ways I won't ever ask him again! So I guess I'll have to try your ideas on my kids instead.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a bit different for me as we don't have small children. It's just the two of us and we are constantly getting attention from each other.

Bobby's always asking me on the weekend what he can do for me, it's a constant thing between us. However, if we had children and other responsibilities, that would change things a great deal with all the other added chores and responsibilities I'm sure.

You have a great thing going on there. Way to go JEN! I LOVE IT!

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

That is a great picture Jennifer!
Camron has experimented with a knife too, only on wood! Whittling is what he is good at.
Now, my 6 year old Damon, still will only use his Peter Rabbit butter knife he got when he was a toddler, but BOY can he cut meat with it!!!!!!!
I love men who cook dinner! Chris does once in awhile but it is a breakfast dinner, french toast, but I will NOT complain!