Saturday, March 11

Mother of 2 will kick the pants off 'ya

There is nothing like a night of freedom with 30-something moms to make the girl-thing come out. For a few months, the group of girls I kickbox with have been getting together on the 2nd Friday of the month for a little socializing. Prior to this, we knew one another simply from a one-hour class three times a week, with not a lot of time left to get to know the personal side. We remedied that with instituting our monthly dinner out, and what a solution it has proven to be. We have become very familiar with one another, to the point that last night we wondered if some of the other patrons wished we'd asked for a private party room. At the end of dinner we realized all our kids would still be awake and nobody was ready for that. We extended the hours away by having dessert at the coffeehouse down the street and at that point the raucous laughter was just getting primed. We finished the night at Paij's house and left wondering how Trea (her 5 yr-old guy) hadn't been wakened by the hilarity all around.

The group that made it out last night were (from left to right): sweet Lois, skinny Paij, me, marathon Karen, four-kid Lisa and quiet Kathy. (You can see more on these nicknames in my previous post about it all being in a name). Sorry my eyes were closed, but I was blushing because all the girls kept telling me they were jealous about how great I looked! The girls that didn't make it last night will definitely be with us next month after hearing what they missed.

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Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jen,

That was a very nice top you had on at your dinner party. I can see why all your workout buddies liked it. I glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure if that pic was where you had dinner or where you had coffee and desert, but the ambience looks divine! I can tell by the pic that all you girls truly enjoy each other’s company an experience you will enjoy for years to come, I'm sure.

Glad you had a wonderful girls night out on the town!

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

I love going out with girls who make me laugh. There's nothing better! abb