Thursday, March 23

Making the Switch

I am not one who denies my problems. I readily admit when I have weaknesses and it's confession time. Most of you know I am gripped with addiction to coffee. That isn't actually the real problem though since the caffeine doesn't bother me and coffee has zero calories. The issue is that I must, must, must have half-n-half to go in it. I have tried everything to change this preference, trying fat-free half-n-half, skim milk, 1%, 2% and whole milk, powdered creamer, even the creme brulee' coffee mate, plain coffee mate, and everything in between and outside those lines. No matter what I've tried, in any amount, nothing even remotely suffices. I prefer to go with no coffee rather than put something other than half-n-half in it. I have gone to great lengths at times to acquire half-n-half, even sending John out or going myself at midnight so I'd have it the next morning. So it was with dismay that I actually observed myself buy a 32 oz container (that's a quart) of half-n-half Friday afternoon and watched myself empty it by Tuesday morning. That's the same size as my little water jug there in the picture, baby. I can say that I am not the only one who uses the half-n-half. John uses it as well, but for only one cup in the morning. Othewrise he drinks his coffee at work.

The problem that results from this prolific consumption of fat and cholesterol is that despite my active lifestyle, the scale tends to the upward trend rather than going down the way I prefer. I will admit to being a first-born, slightly obsessive, perfectionist individual, so I do focus on the scale, clothing size, calorie intake and all things weight-related a bit more than I should. However, just for the sake of proving I can, I am determined to disentagle myself from this vice. I have at times, gone cold turkey--like my two pregnancies, and the frightening year I gave up coffee for Lent. However, I am going the more difficult route and employing moderation.

So here are my rules:
-1 pot of coffee gets made in the morning and when it's gone, the pot stays off (I'll get about 2 travel-mugs out of the pot). I can easily make and drink 3 pots a day with the accompanying half-n-half.
-NO buying coffee out except for my once-a-week non-fat latte at Starbucks on Friday, grocery day. No telling how much I get when I order "extra-cream" at Dunkin' Donuts.
-I can drink half-n-half in my cup, by I am going to gradually make the switch to the fat-free stuff.
-After my coffee is gone (generally by 8:30am), I will be drinking 2 of these 32 oz jugs of water by bedtime. Watch out, toilet, here I come.

Your job is to ASK me how I'm doing. I am not known for enforcing my own rules, so only public humiliation will work. Perfectionists hate to fail in public ;)

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Anonymous said...

Ok Jennifer, I will be here helping you with this.

I for one can't afford anymore than my 2 cups of coffee in the morning because of my weight reasons. With the Weight Watchers program that I'm on, I'm only allowed 20 points a day and my coffee alone has 4 points. I choose coffee for breakfast, well, because I would rather have coffee than food. I will be back to check on your progress.

- Debbie

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my coffee too! But I did have to switch to a healthier version. I buy the fat-free or the light Nestle Coffeemate. Walmart is pretty much the only place that sells the light version. I WAS the half and half and the sugar now I am the lite and the sweetner. I do get coffee out with half and half but that is 1x a week.
Coffee is awesome, and I could NEVER give it up! For me, it's the caffeine, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you got this from your father - he has all of us that have ever worked with him addicted to half and half including your brother. I love your writings. You should compose a book.
Terri Mateer Russell

Anonymous said...

I guess I can't relate to what you are going through since I do not like coffee and after having my first bout of kidney stones, with two more bouts since then, have basically sworn off almost anything but pure WATER! I have a glass or two of skim milk a day and once in a very blue moon will have a glass of Mugs Root Beer with some popcorn, but otherwise just stick to water to hopefully keep those horribly painful kidney stones at bay.
I hope you have an easy time of cutting back and I bet your body will thank you for giving it all that good pure water!

Crystal Breeze said...

That is how it is for me about Sweet Tea. After my (2) 8 oz glasses for the day are used up I have to have water for the rest of the day or my calorie intake gets hit hard.

I know giving up coffee and caffeine is hard but you can do it Jennifer. Hey I lost 5 lbs. Not bad for 2 weeks of trying to reach a goal of 7lbs.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen, I also HAVE to have half-n-half or I will not drink coffee. abb