Tuesday, March 28

Horrors of Hairdressing

I knew I shouldn't be feeling so smug after taking 2 haircuts of Eric's into my own hands. By the admission of marathon Karen (who was a hairdresser in a past life), Eric has a difficult head of hair. It is difficult to cut and look good-no matter what style you choose. She was doing me a huge favor by squeezing Eric into her schedule for haircuts and his hair never looked better. It all just got too complicated trying to juggle meeting up (Eric is at school while we eat lunch at Nick's each day, so that won't work) thus the reason I took to learning to cut hair myself.

The problem is, I began feeling like I knew what I was doing because his hair started looking kind of decent once I wet it down and plastered it with White Rain in the mornings. So I upped the ante and spied the ear taper attachments to my clippers. I thought those would be so much easier to use around the ears. NOT. They failed to include in the instructions that taper means "scalp" in Chinese. Truthfully, I probably threw the instructions away when I got the clippers because I always dig right in anyhow. At any rate, Eric barely had fuzz 1-1/2 inches up the side of his head. So now, he is sporting a #2 clipper cut with a #3 right on top. It's kind of embarrassing, with me being into looks and all--having my boy going around looking like a chopper-head half the time.

Good thing he is 9. He could care less--he thinks haircuts are way over-rated anyway. It's me walking around with the red face. I wonder if it would be wrong for me to instruct him to blame it on his dad? Hee Hee.

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Rochelle said...

Why didn't you include a photo with this blog? Hee hee Oh well, practice makes perfect!

mary ellen said...

Come on Jen, at least give us a picture, then we can all give you an honest opinion, it may not look that bad to others - be glad he doesn't care or if it does look bad you'd be in trouble!!

For the past few months I have been cutting Michael and Ethan's hair with the good store bought clippers, today one of Michael's friends (son of Kenny & Jan Hobbs) was over and wanted me to do his - so I did with his Mom's permission. It's kind of fun! Since we live in FL I just give them short, even-all-over haircuts. If I had to use them, I wouldn't even know what to do with scissors and a comb, and I would never try to do Rick's hair. Truth be told he would love a buzz himself but I think he has pretty, black hair and therefore have so far been successful at talking him out of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer, you know me, I would have taken matters into my own hands too. I'm sure it does not look that bad. Come on, let us see. Can't you see we are all left hangin' here in suspense?

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

hey jennifer
i remember doing a clipper cut on a guy and the attatchment FELL OFF during a swipe across the top of his head! this guy had BLACK hair and a WHITE scalp. oh so noticeable... the guy was very gracious about the whole thing, much to my appreciation. be blessed that it was a family member you were practicing on:)donna s.