Wednesday, March 22

Got Nails?

Ever since Junior High, I have had an obsession with hands. I remember discovering this one day when somehow I realized that I could picture the hands of every single person that I knew. I had a friend test the theory by calling out name by name, and sure enough, I was able to picture in my mind's eye exactly what the person's hands looked like. Not the eyes, not the hair, but the fingers, all the way down to the fingernails and cuticles. Weird, I know, but I sort of hopped right on that obsession and began buying nail files, and then clippers, and then polish, and then buffers, and then ridge filler, and then ridge smoother, and then cuticle nippers and cuticle dissolvers and on and on. It fit right into my habit of snatching up gadgets, any item marked "new" on the shelf and whatever could be remotely attached to a commerical.

Over time, I didn't think much about my growing collection until I would pull out my "toolbox" complete with the Craftsman logo and unload the metal implements, sandpaper files and the plethora of base coats, polish colors and top coats and my friends' jaws would drop. Apparently I'm the only person that I know who can outfit an entire spa party with the implements and polish choices that I have on hand. I have actually done that twice, at overnight girl's weekends, and everybody left with a newfound respect for what a little filing, cuticle nipping and smoothing can do for the soul. My routine grew do include a Saturday night ritual of taking off polish, doing the whole sanding, smoothing, polishing routine and having fresh nails for Sunday morning church and it didn't cost $12 and chip by the next morning. For the record, the Craftsman toolbox was a lot bigger and a lot cheaper than the Caboodle they had over in the cosmetics section. I really needed the extra space.

As I've grown older, I've realized my obsession comes from wanting really girly-type hands, and I just don't. No matter how much nipping, smoothing, filing or painting goes on, my lifestyle is just too rough, what with a family, 4 pets and kickboxing. I'm thinking it could also have to do with the fact that I've taken to watching suspenseful shows while I am trying to nip my cuticles, and mishaps result from startling at what you are watching at the same time as using sharp implements on tender skin. Blood never complements polish, no matter which color you've chosen for that week.

The polishes above are not from my own collection. I purchased them today in my "bargain-finder mode" at CVS for .75 cents each. We are going to do a spa day at the MOMS group I attend, so everyone will have their own little bottle of "pamper" to take home themselves!

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Angel - get the picture said...

You are too funny. Oh what you must picture when you think of me LOL. Short little nubby fingers and nails. Now THERE is a picture for your mind's eye!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you picture my hands. You can leave out the dry cuticles by the way as I'm already aware of that problem :) abb

Anonymous said...

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful day spa get away. It sounds like so much fun.

I don't think I have quite the hand obsession as you, but I'm always up for getting my nails done. It's a must for me.

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

I am with you Jen. I have a little bin thing with a handle that has everything you need to give a perfect, professional manicure or pedicure. I am actually more into the pedicure thing though. I do a french pedicure now on Brenda, Mary, some friends and cousins and myself. There is hardly a family holiday that goes by that doesn't find me giving someone a french pedicure. As for my hands the only thing that seems to work is the french glue nails. Otherwise polish doesn't last on them for more than two days, while my french pedicure can last 3-4 weeks.

Crystal Breeze said...

Cool Picture of your finger nail polishes. Bring them all with you on our retreat so I can do my nails too.

donna striley said...
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donna striley said...

check out

Anonymous said...

You are so funny!
I am the same way, I think the hands tell a lot about someone's life! What they do for a living, how hard they work, etc.
Marianne and I were just talking about nail polish yesterday. Last year I got a french manicure and it lasted one day! Before that, I hadn't painted my nails since high school!
When is this ladies spa day? I would LOVE to make one of your mom groups!

mary ellen said...

Jen, you are a woman after my own heart! I also love nails and manicures, there's just something about having them look nice that makes me feel happy. I guess it's a girly thing!