Wednesday, March 29

Faries of the Toothy Type

This morning the Easter Bunny was so excited to be finished with its shopping for Easter baskets....well, all except the few tidbits of candy that will be added to the toys and games. Now it's suppertime, and the Easter Bunny has to plan another outing to replenish its supply. One last trip is necessary because the meowing stuffed cat that was planned for Caroline's Easter basket will now be placed under Caroline's pillow compliments of the Tooth Fairy. It's nice that they borrow from each other that way, isn't it. What a spirit of cooperation between that Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy--they are such a pair!

I tried to explain that since it is dark in some parts of the world already, the Tooth Fairy has surely started her journey toward our house, so she probably already has Caroline's gift in tow (and it probably is not a stuffed kitten). That's why Caroline started her note nicely asking "if you have it".

4 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

AWWW, she is just so cute!
The Easter Bunny has to start shopping here, if he starts too early, it gets out of control sometimes. Damon even asked if the Easter Bunny brought Game Boy games.......I guess some kids in his class get them, ugh! So, we will have to wait till Easter morning to see exactly what he has planned this year. It was so simple for him when it was a baby book, a sippy cup and a fisher price small toy or two!

Rochelle said...

The tooth fairy brings stuffed cats now??? NO FAIR! All I ever got was cold hard cash. :)

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet. My how times change, it seems the tooth fairy changes with the time too. But I must say... Even though the times change, one thing will always remain the same. Santa, The Easter Bunny, & The Tooth Fairy are all very good friends always willing to lend a hand when the other one is in a crunch.

- Debbie Stewart

JenLo said...

The Tooth Fairy has realized it is MUCH cheaper to bring toys than give dollars. There is always competition among the friends regarding how much their most expensive tooth went for. None of them seem to know the dollar value of toys.