Monday, March 27

Cutting off my nose to spite my face

The best-laid intentions sometimes go awry. In the attempt to prove to myself that I can, indeed, wean off (well, cold-turkey really) half-n-half in exchange for the fat-free stuff, I've put myself into a tailspin. The first day wasn't too bad really. I choked down a couple of cups noting the foul taste but putting up with it. Since it was Friday, I had my weekly Starbucks latte and felt like a new woman. Saturday was a bit more difficult, but I was busy getting ready for dinner guests, so after the first cup, I didn't really have time to think about having a second. Sunday went pretty smoothly as well, even though I left my full coffee mug in the car during Sunday School (a first for me). I wasn't really enjoying the taste so I decided to not finish it. An afternoon nap distracted me for the remainder of the day and I really didn't need to suffer through another icky cup to get the caffeine. Today, though, instead of my usual two large travel mugs before kickboxing, I had about half of an 8-oz mug and then decided I actually am not getting used to the taste. By the time I reached kickboxing, I had a whopping headache, presumably from lack of caffeine. A couple of Excedrin Migraine took care of that, but I dragged my rear around for the remainder of the day feeling sluggish without the artificial pep of caffeine.

I'm thinking rather than going fat-free, I've probably just about broken the habit of having a coffee mug glued into my hand all day long. Perhaps I can join the ranks of well-adjusted coffee drinkers and have a cup in the morning, just the way I like it with the real stuff, and call it adequate. I might experiment tomorrow.

The ironic part of all this is that John spied the fat-free half-n-half in the fridge Saturday morning, without me saying anything to him about switching. It was sitting right beside the regular stuff and he took it upon himself to fix us both cups with the fat-free. He has been guzzling it ever since, like nothing is out of the ordinary. Why is it that I'm the one who wants to switch and he's the one who doesn't have any trouble with it? Something is wrong with this picture.

4 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Men always have to make it look so easy!
I say you just drink what you like, you need to enjoy at least 1 cup of coffee with the good stuff! I have 2 cups of coffee per day and I was enjoying it until I was told to read what was in my Coffee-mate...ick!

Anonymous said...

I concur; something is definitely wrong with that picture! Sheesh, how frustrating for you, however I have to agree with you. It is better to have a cup of the real thing in the morning than to deprive yourself completely. I think you are on to something. Keep us posted and I hope it goes better for you tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you while I’m enjoying my cup in the morning.

- Debbie Stewart

meh said...

I'm with the other two girls, drink one cup of exactly what you like than have water, or whatever, the rest of the day! I bet you'll feel a whole lot better in the long run. You probably would get used to the new taste eventually but since that much caffeine isn't good for you anyway drink one cup (which I've read over and over is fine) but drink it the way you like it. I've had those headaches before, they are such a killer!

Crystal Breeze said...

I know Thad always makes it look easy when we make bagels and he uses no-fat cream cheese. Have you tasted that stuff it is soooooo disgusting. To me I would rather enjoy my bagel with the regular cream cheese and stay on my elliptical for another 5 minutes. As for you coffee I think one good cup in the morning is not going to kill your diet. I have a really great glass of sweet tea in the morning. The only thing is just have one and you won't undo your whole days calories in creamer and sugar. The creamer I use is INTERNATIONAL DELIGHT FRENCH VANILLA it is 0g trans fat/2g total fat/45 cal in 1 tbsp/6g sugar. I use this cause it is so good and sweet enough that I don't need a whole lot of sugar either.