Thursday, March 16

Addendum to Tips

I can't believe I actually forgot what was going to be Tip #1 for Sally Anne's boutique in yesterday's post. It is this: You should absolutely refrain from introducing your children to a thrift shop until they are old enough to be interested in looking at used clothing. All thrift shops have toy sections, and your kid(s) will find it immediately. They will come to you with gem in hand, a castoff, broken-down, dirty toy that some other mother has instructed her own children to "pass on to the less fortunate children who don't have as many toys". If your children are with you, that prize will go into your cart (they actually do have shopping carts in such places) and the junk piece will go home with you. Not only that, it will be your child's favorite treasure for the next week and it will go everywhere with them. When asked where they got it, they will proudly exclaim "My mom bought it for me at the Salvation Army"!

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