Saturday, November 7

Week ending 11/7

Workout schedule for this last week
Monday kickboxed & ran 2.75 mi
Tuesday 1 hour strength training
Wednesday ran 2.75 mi
Thursday 1 hour strength training
Friday kickboxed
Saturday ran 2.75 mi (hit my best pace 9:55/mi)

I'm excited to run my first ever 5k this next Saturday, 11/14. Since is so blasted cold around here, the running season is pretty much over, so I have to drive past Ithaca to do it, but I've been looking for a race, and this is pretty much all there is to choose from. It's the Interlaken Steeple Chase put on by a church in the small town of Interlaken

Menu for next week:
Sunday evening dinner-Chicken parmigiana (my kids' favorite meal)
Monday-Beef & Broccoli soup, Sandra Lee
Tues-Tortilla bake, Kraft Food & Family (PTA meeting night, 6:30pm)
Wed-Chicken linguine with creamy pesto, Sandra Lee (Choir practice night, 6:15pm)
Thurs-Mac & Cheese with salad (Leadership team meeting night, 7pm)
Friday-Stromboli (Wildtree Herbs party, 7pm)

Because of adding running to my workout schedule, my grocery routine is all goofed up and I keep having to go on Saturdays (like today). I have to figure that out because that's a pain.

This week starts Brainy Boy's wrestling practice. I pick him up every day at 5:30 after I drop Little Chic off for musical practice at 5:00. Then it's back to get her at 7pm. Luckily her musical is over on the 19th!

Little Chic gets to take her babysitting course at the American Red Cross this week. Wednesday is Veteran's Day and the kids have off school, so she is going to spend 9:00-4:30 learning all about taking care of kids. She has been bugging me for ages to sign her up, so she is gladly sacrificing the day off to be in a classroom.

Lots going on this week--the District Superintendent is coming Monday night to spend the night to hunt with Muh Main Man on Tuesday, I have PTA and Leadership meetings as well as choir practice and I'm hosting a Wildtree Herbs party Friday night. Then Saturday morning I'll be up bright and early to drive to my 5K. I'm beginning to wonder why I do this to myself!

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Suzy said...

GL on your 5K on Sat. I hope you love it. You are one busy lady.